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Sex-EdRemember when things like reading, math, science, and history were the primary focus of a well-rounded public school education? If I didn’t know better I would conclude that today the primary focus of a public school education was sexual indoctrination.

When I was in school sex-ed week was just that, a single week in the school year when the school took one class period each day to teach some basic aspects of human sexuality. It was an optional class that parents had to sign a waiver in order to approve their child attending. Except for that one week I can’t recall hearing anything about human sexuality during my time in public school.

Today, however, it appears that human sexuality is a central figure in public school education as those with a liberal agenda seek to indoctrinate students into a worldview that includes casual sex, sexual experimentation at a young age, approval for homosexuality and other alternative lifestyles, and of course abortion. It seems say someone read Lenin’s comments on children and transforming the world. Lenin once said:

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

The objective here is to transform the world into a place where morality is not based on transcendent truth but personal opinions. The creation of an amoral, androgynous society where the words “family” and “marriage” hold no meaning is the end result. The way to achieve that goal is to “educate” children from Kindergarten through high-school on what human sexuality is all about.

Evidence of this strategy can be clearly seen in attempts to turn pornographic displays into “science exhibits.” Such an occurrence happened in Canada recently when an exhibit called “The Science of Sexuality,” which appears to be nothing more than a pornographic display aimed at children, was scheduled to appear in several science museums throughout the country. The exhibit was so offensive it prompted one family advocate to write a letter stating:

“This exhibit includes what can only be described as soft pornography, expressly designed for youth in the context of a museum…Based on a tour by our staff, the exhibition espouses a specific point of view including the approval and promotion of anal sex, multiple sexual partners and sex without emotional/marital commitment…I would respectfully ask that this exhibition be cancelled.”

Here in the states stories continue to surface about how Common Core is bringing porn into the classrooms via recommended book lists. One group of teachers in New York blasted a recommended book for ninth graders because of the overt amount of sexual language and imagery. One teacher stated that such language would be considered pornographic to just about anyone. Of course this begs the question if adults find this material pornographic why is a school seeking to force it on underage students?

So now we have explicit sex-education for our kids beginning in Kindergarten, Common Core book lists with pornographic material, museum exhibits with pornographic material, movies with pornographic material, and oh yeah, the Internet with pornographic material. And just in case that’s not enough, your child can attend a publicly funded college where he or she can be treated to a lecture by homosexual activist Dan Savage.

Savage is well known for his contempt of Christians, the Bible, and anything hinting at absolute morality. His recent lecture at Oregon University – which cost tax payers $24k – covered such topics as “kinks and fetishes, experimentation and communication as well as same-sex marriage…the sexual act of fisting to gorilla suit fetishes.”

It’s hard to figure out the benefit to any student of having someone like Savage come in and at the cost of tax payers ramble on about useless topics such as these. Unless of course you have a goal of creating a specific worldview in the students that are listening. In the amoral worldview liberal progressives seek to cultivate these topics spread the message of limitless morality bound only by preference rather than truth. They are essential to the end result of amorality and normalcy for anything sexually the mind can imagine.

And lest anyone think Christian schools are a safe haven for children, think again. A report out of Scotland says that secular groups are seeking to force even Christian schools to teach explicit sex-education; even against parental concerns. Though this occurrence is across the pond it should give pause to those who recognize that it is only a matter of time before a similar push is made here in America.

And note that officials wanted no parental opt-out, and said their agenda is more important than parental rights or objections. That is the bottom line for those with a progressive, liberal agenda. They must circumvent parents in order to get to the children and accomplish their “education” goals. Parents ought to be more vigilant than ever in defending their values and teaching their kids.

It is a parent’s responsibility to teach their kids about sexuality. This foundational aspect of a person’s worldview is critical in shaping how a person views marriage and family. Abdicating the responsibility for teaching this to someone else should never be an option for a parent. It is not the schools job, it is not the churches job; it is your job mom and dad. Teach well.

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