How States Are Restricting Abortion in Insurance Plans. What West Virginia Isn’t Doing…

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Here’s some important statistics you need to know about abortion coverage in state insurance plans:

34 states prohibit public funding of abortions for indigent women.
19 states restrict coverage in insurance plans for public employees.
23 states prohibit coverage in plans offered through the exchanges.
8 states have laws restricting insurance coverage of abortion in private insurance plans.

These statistics show how abortion coverage is restricted in the states so that people will a moral or religious objection to abortion are not forced to pay for it. Here’s one more very important statistic:

West Virginia has no restrictions on abortion coverage in insurance plans. None.

A recent article explains what some states have done: “Obamacare allows health insurers selling plans on exchanges to cover abortion. In response, some states have passed ‘opt-out’ laws, barring insurers participating in their exchanges from offering health plans that include coverage of elective abortion. However, 27 states and the District of Columbia have taken no final action to prevent insurers from covering elective abortion.[2]

While most states have taken measures to secure the moral, religious rights of pro-life people that don’t want to fund abortion, West Virginia has done nothing. As many of our lawmakers claim to be pro-life and say they will defend life, they have yet to put any action behind those words. For now, every citizen paying taxes in West Virginia is also helping to fund the abortion industry and ensuring that 5-7 West Virginia babies are killed daily in our great state. Let that sink in for a while. Click here for original article.


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