Don’t You Want to be in Good Hands?

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Jesus HandsIsn’t it comforting when you know you’re in good hands? There’s a calming peace to any circumstances when you realize the person in charge is more than capable of taking care of things. Immediately we breathe a sigh of relief and feel a massive weight lifted from our shoulders. We’re in good hands.

Have you ever considered what it means to be “in good hands” when it comes to Christ? As a born again believer, a Christ follower, the idea of every detail of our lives being in the hands of Christ means we are in the “best hands” at all times. There’s never any need to worry or be concerned because the “best hands” have everything under control. And oh what hands they are.

Those are the hands that threw stars and planets into orbit and caused the universe to spin (Psa. 147:4). Those are the hands that took common, ordinary dirt and sculpted the human body in all its wonder and beauty (Gen. 1-2). These are the hands that carved out the Ten Commandments in stone (ex. 24:12) and closed the door of the ark (Gen. 7:15-16). These are the hands that held the water of the Red Sea so Israel could walk on dry land (ex. 14:21).

The mighty, powerful, divine hands of Jesus became tiny, little hands of a baby. These soft, sweet hands held His parents hands as a child and learned to be the hands of a Carpenter. But the Carpenters hands did more than hold nails and swing hammers.

These hands touched the sick and healed them. These hands lifted prostitutes from the ground and out of shame. These hands caused blind eyes to see and deaf ears to hear. These hands took ordinary bread and fish and fed thousands. These hands held children with tender compassion and drove thieves from the house of God.

These hands blocked the attacks and temptations of Satan, never once sinning. Satan’s final blow, death, was hurled at the perfect hands. It was then that these beautiful hands were lowered and the fiery dart of death hit the mark. These hands were stretched out on a tree and pierced by the nails they once held as a Carpenter. These hands hung on a cross as they became the sin, the brokenness, and the weakness they never knew before. Then, these hands were dead.

Three days later these hands were alive again in a display of power and glory never before seen. These hands rolled away the stone and pronounced defeat on sin and death forever. These hands now hold the keys of death and hell and will be forever victorious over them.

And now, these hands stand ready to pick you up and restore you to life. These hands will dry your tears and reach out to hold you. These hands will lift your head and show grace and mercy. For the weary, hurt, broken, damaged, ashamed, and lonely these hands are everything you could ever need. And to those that know Christ as Savior these hands will one day spread wide one more time to welcome you home.

For details on the works of Christ throughout the Bible see: Colossians 1:9-17, Genesis 2:7, Exodus 31:18, Genesis 7:13-16, Exodus 14:21, Matthew 1:18ff; 13:55, Mark 6:3, Matthew 4:24; 14:14; 21:14, Mark 1:34; Luke 4:40, Jon 8:1-11, Matthew 14:17-20; 19:14, Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16, Matthew 21:12-13; 4:1ff, Rev. 1:18.

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