Amazing Pictures: Photog Captures First Moments of Life

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Image courtesy of Caters News Agency

Image courtesy of Caters News Agency

Some contend that life begins “when the mother decides life begins.” This is not just a patently false position it is logically absurd. The argument is a weak attempt to justify abortion. The lack of logic and rational thought behind the position is so obvious that few dare use it. But for those who do try and use this silly position they should take a look at the images captured by a photographer at a university hospital in Europe.

A recent article says of the images:

“A photographer has captured the wondrous, miraculous moment of birth – in all its raw and unglamourised glory. Taken before a mother has seen her baby for the first time these amazing photographs show the reality of how we all enter this world. The warts and all pictures are the work of respected Danish photographer Suste Bonnen who was given unprecedented access to mothers while they were in labour.”

The images are so magnificent in that they are raw and unedited. They present the reality of how life begins for each person that is given the chance to live. Complete with blood and umbilical cords, these images remind us of exactly what we looked like moments before we were born. And that’s the point.

These children were born via C-Section and the images were taken mere seconds after the children entered the world. This means that in some cases, had the mother “decided that it was not a life living inside her,” she could have chosen a late-term abortion and had the child killed.

Image courtesy of Caters News Agency

Image courtesy of Caters News Agency

It may shock the senses to think that such a thing is allowed to occur, and yet late-term abortions are far more frequent than you might believe. The reality that a woman could simply decide that the fully grown, independent, living being inside her should be killed is hard to imagine. When looking at these pictures you get a very real sense of just how human these children are – despite the claims by groups like Planned Parenthood that they are “just blobs of cells.”

The efforts of abortion advocates to mislead women with misinformation is a deliberate campaign to push women into having abortions. My hunch is that abortion rates among informed women are far lower than those among uninformed, low-information, poor women. No wonder Planned Parenthood positions itself in poor, urban areas with high minority populations.

Don’t be mistaken, abortion advocates don’t want you to see these pictures or know that they were taken moments after birth. If these pictures were taken moments after birth it means an unborn child at nine months is not in fact, a blob of tissue but a living being. It means any argument about life beginning when the mother says it does is null and void. It means that millions of women have actually killed their unborn children. Those are inconvenient truths that Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates simply cannot tolerate.

These pictures are beautiful. They prove the humanity of the unborn and destroy the lies and half-truths of abortion advocates. They once-and-for-all decide the case for defending the right of the unborn to live. Look at these images and allow them to bolster your resolve to defend the innocent unborn. Share the pictures with others. Don’t let anyone deceive you or others as to the absolute humanity of the unborn and the worth and right of every person to live.

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