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Five Myths of Used to Justify Abortion Debunked

Posted on January 31, 2014 in Life by

At the recent Students for Life of America national conference in Maryland, pro-life advocates addressed 5 myths the abortion industry uses to justify the continued murder of millions of innocent children. Each myth, along with a response is posted below so you can learn how to engage those who might use these thoughts to justify abortion. The reality is that there is no justification for killing an innocent unborn child. By learning these myths and their responses we can engage those that seek to justify abortion with the truth.

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1. Abortion is needed because of overpopulation

Kids Get Into Creation Museum for FREE in 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014 in Home School by

If you’ve ever thought about taking a trip to the Creation Museum (near Cincinnati, OH), 2014 is the year you want to make that trip a reality.

Creation MuseumAnswers in Genesis has announced that admission for all kids 12 and under that are accompanied by an adult will be free for all of 2014!

AiG recently wrote:

Sen. Unger Wants to Protect People from Polluted Water – What About Unborn Babies?

Posted on January 30, 2014 in Life by

The chances of another chemical leak are slim. The chances of a woman being harmed by abortion are great. The chances of an unborn child being killed by abortion are absolute – it will happen. What should be a priority for our legislature?

Most Americans Support Abortion Restrictions

Posted on January 29, 2014 in Life, Public Policy by

You won’t hear this in the news tonight. But a new poll shows that most Americans support abortion restrictions and do not support abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. Currently in my home state of West Virginia the abortion industry is unregulated and abortion is legal up to the moment of birth. Our lawmakers seem indifferent to this fact and turn a blind eye. But this poll bears the truth of what most West Virginians and Americans in general believe about abortion. “The Marist University poll, which was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, finds 62% of all Americans support “changing laws to allow for some restrictions on abortion,” while 84 percent of Americans do not support abortion on demand up until the birth of the child.

URGENT: House Passes “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”

Posted on January 29, 2014 in Life by

I wrote on Monday that the House of Representatives would be voting on the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” this week. They held that vote on Tuesday and the bill passed with an overwhelming majority. Considering that polls have consistently shown a super-majority of Americans don’t want their tax dollars used to fund the abortion industry, this bill only makes sense. Not to mention the federal government should not be in the business of killing unborn children.

What If I Decided to Ignore the Law Like President Obama?

Posted on January 29, 2014 in Marriage, Public Policy by

A disturbing trend is taking place across the nation regarding marriage laws. We are seeing more frequently a refusal on the part of elected officials to defend marriage laws, even those put in place as a result of a vote of the people. Working from where we are right now, backwards, the troubling trend has a specific starting point.

Just last week the newly elected attorney general of Virginia said he would not uphold his state’s ban on same-sex “marriage.” Mark Herring said he “cannot and will not” defend a law that he believes is unconstitutional. Virginia’s ban on same-sex “marriage” is set to be challenged in court very soon by tow homosexual couples. So this decision by Herring is timely and will require legal scrambling on the part of the state.

Video: Brit Hume Says Abortion “Snuffs Out” a Human Life

Posted on January 28, 2014 in Life by

This short video by Fox News political analyst Brit Hume on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade reminds us all why we continue to protest the infamous Supreme Court Decision. Hume says abortion “snuffs out” a beating heart and kills a living human being.

Take a moment to watch this short but powerful video and share it with others. The battle to defend the unborn is not growing tired, it is growing stronger as each generation realizes that life is sacred and should be defended. Abortion advocates’ days are numbered as we draw closer to the day when abortion is ended and every unborn child is protected.

If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser. A transcript of the video follows at the bottom of the page.

I’m Definitely Not Abraham. Are you?

Posted on January 28, 2014 in Family by

I, like many people watched the History Channel mini-series “The Bible” when it aired nearly a year ago. I have not often been excited about biblically themed television shows. They tend to veer towards blatant misrepresentations after relying more on extra-biblical sources than the Bible itself. But this series, from husband and wife producers Mark Burnett (Survivor) and Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) received much media attention and hype prior to the first episode for what critics said was careful attention to detail in staying true to Scripture.

As I watched the first episode I was pleasantly surprised and filled with promise that this could be worthy of the adjective used frequently to describe it on social media: epic. Of course it will be necessary to overlook the fact that everyone is speaking in a British accent. But I’m more interested in the series being biblically and historically accurate than employing the proper accent. (I do realize the historical inaccuracy of everyone speaking in the wrong accent. it’s just a detail that doesn’t bother me.)

H.R. 7: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Posted on January 27, 2014 in Life, Public Policy by

Autumn Christensen with the Congressional Pro Life Caucus reminded pro-life defenders that H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, will be coming up in the House of Representatives very soon, perhaps this week. This very important piece of legislation would ensure that no tax dollars are spent to fund abortion.

Unfortunately, not only is abortion funded through our tax dollars at the federal level but, in some states, such as my home state of West Virginia, taxes are used to fund abortion at the state level. So this legislation would help protect the conscience rights of people opposed to abortion. A memo from the Congressional Pro Life Caucus says:

States, Educators, Parents Abandon Common Core For Being Dumb

Posted on January 27, 2014 in Home School, Public Policy by

When Common Core was announced it was touted as the “fix” to an American education system that has been in decline for years. Without much review or investigation into the privately funded, federally promoted standards and curriculum, school boards began approving its implementation. That snowballed into entire states “opting in” to statewide use of Common Core. (It didn’t hurt that the federal government offered millions in monetary enticements to join the program.)

What has been the result of all the pomp and fanfare rolling out Common Core?


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