Pro Life Winning: More Life Laws in 2011-2013 Than Previous Decade

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More abortion restrictions were enacted in 2011-2013 than in the entire previous decadeA recent report by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute says that more pro-life laws have been passed in the last three years, 2011-2013, than in the previous decade.

The info-graphic shown here puts the numbers into clear focus. The single greatest year for pro-life laws was 2011, followed by 2013. shares comments from the Guttmacher Institute report:

“This legislative onslaught has dramatically changed the landscape for women needing abortion. In 2000, the two states that were the most restrictive in the nation, Mississippi and Utah, had five of 10 major types of abortion restrictions in effect (see Appendix). By 2013, however, 22 states had five or more restrictions, and Louisiana had 10.”

As LifeNews notes, one of the positive side effects of these new state laws is that abortion clinics are closing at unprecedented rates. LIfeNews states:

“The total number of surgical abortion clinics left in the U.S. is now 582. This represents an impressive 12% net decrease in surgical abortion clinics in 2013 alone, and a 73% drop from a high in 1991 of 2,176. Of 87 clinics that discontinued surgical abortions, 81 are permanently shuttered while 6 abortion businesses ceased surgical abortions, but continued to sell that abortion pill. The figures do not include the 11 abortion clinics that were closed temporarily in 2013, then reopened later in the year.”

When the number of clinic closures is considered there can be no doubt that the message of life is winning. The tireless efforts of unknown individuals across the country that simply stand for life in any number of ways cannot be overstated. Prayerfully we will see this trend continue and perhaps within 5-10 years we will witness history with the end of abortion in America.


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