Powerful: New Pro-Life Movie “Gimme Shelter” Tells a Gripping Tale

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Gimme ShelterA new star-studded pro-life movie set to release January 24th has a gripping tale to tell. Based on a true story, Vanessa Hudgens stars as Apple, a girl that’s been in and out of the foster care system nearly her entire life. After leaving her mother’s house again because of the abuse Apple seeks shelter with her father, played by Brenden Fraser. But after finding out that Apple is pregnant her father encourages her to abort the child. Since Apple wants to keep her baby she decides to leave her father’s house. After a near fatal car accident Apple is shown kindness by a hospital chaplain (James Earl Jones) and consequently finds shelter in a home for pregnant young women.

This powerful tale has the potential to reach a wide audience with its star-studded cast. The message of life will come through clearly as Apple seeks to make decisions to benefit her unborn baby.

Take a look at the intense trailer below and share it with someone else. This movie needs to gain attention and support across the nation. If the video doesn’t appear automatically please refresh your browser. Click here for original article.

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