Poll: Most Americans Favor Abortion Waiting Period

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The percentage of Americans that are pro-life is growing, that much is sure. As that number grows, so does the percentage of people that favor other common sense measures. A mandatory waiting period before an abortion is a common sense measure that is gaining support nationwide. An article at LifeNews.com comments:

“In a poll from just last Sunday, January 5, 2014, Rasmussen Reports starts off with this:

While most voters identify themselves as pro-choice, support for a mandatory waiting period prior to an abortion is at its highest level in over two years.

“That number, though not a majority, is just below that, at 49%, which is a plurality of voters. Only 39% are opposed to mandatory waiting periods, with 11% undecided. The Guttmacher Institute’s“State Policies in Brief” from January 1 of this year on ‘Counseling and Waiting Periods for Abortion’ mentions that of ’35 states requir[ing] that women receive counseling before an abortion is performed[…] 26 of these states also require women to wait a specified amount of time—most often 24 hours—between the counseling and the abortion procedure.'”

What confuses me is why West Virginia has yet to enact any common sense health and safety regulations at all. Currently the mountaineer state has an unregulated abortion industry that continues to harm women without so much as a visit from the state once a year. While other states talk about caring about women and then do something about it, West Virginia continues to talk and do little else.

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