John Piper Shares Thoughts on Marijuana Use

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pot weedWell-known author, preacher, teacher, and theologian John Piper has not been one to shy away from difficult topics. Piper regularly engages cultural issues with a biblical wisdom and perspective that serves to benefit many. Piper recently wrote an article at Desiring God called “Don’t Let Your Mind Go To Pot,” in which he sets out to show, biblically, why Christians ought to refrain from recreational drug use. He writes:

“…there are at least two biblical truths that would lead us away from the recreational use of marijuana. The first is that, for the Christian, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. That simple teaching, in context, should have a huge effect. The second biblical truth that would incline us away from the recreational use of marijuana is that God gave us minds and hearts to know him and love him and discern his will.”

It’s bizarre to me that we are even having this discussion. The Bible’s clear teaching on how a Christian should take care of his body and not be addicted to anything seems to make clear that drugs would be wrong. But our culture has called into question everything Christians have formerly believed to the place that we now need to discuss whether or not it’s acceptable for Christians to use recreational drugs.

I very well may be in the minority on this one, but I’m with Piper. His evidence for Christians to refrain from recreational drug use is spot on and biblically sound. I go a step farther and don’t even drink caffeine regularly (only once every couple of months). I also seek to avoid pain medications if at all possible. For me, at issue is being addicted to anything. Being addicted to food or caffeine is just as sinful as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. So I am seeking to guard against any addiction.

Where do you fall on this issue? Is Piper right in his assertion or does he need to “lighten” up?

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