Video: Christian’s Song “No Night” (Must Watch)

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Lacey Buchanan

Lacey and Christian Buchanan

The video below is a beautiful thing. I’ve been following the story of Lacey Buchanan and her son Christian for a while now. When you see Christian you will understand why Lacey has gained a public following. A couple of years ago Lacey posted a video to YouTube sharing Christian’s story and the fact that many people thought she should have aborted him because of his “disabilities.” Since that time Lacey has traveled the country sharing Christian’s story and defending life and dignity for all people regardless of their appearance. The story being told by Lacey and Christian and their family is inspiring and one our world needs to hear.

With that in mind, a song has been written in honor of Christian and a preview video for the song has been released. Here’s is what Lacey recently said on her Facebook page of the video below:

“Ok guys! The time has finally come!!! Christian’s song “No Night” is officially available for purchase on iTunes thanks to the hard work of, Scot Gilmore, and lots of other folks! Please watch the promotional video here and learn more about how to purchase the song in the description of the video!!!!! The proceeds from this song will go directly to Christian’s medical fund! You’re going to love it! Enjoy!”

Take a few moments to watch this video and share it with others. Consider purchasing the song on iTunes in order to help this beautiful family with medical expenses. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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