Have You Seen The Awesome Pics of Unborn Animals? Amazing!

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I love photography. Especially photography of things that we can’t normally see, such as space and underwater images. For this reason the images below of unborn animals is an amazing sight that we all need to take a moment to see and share.

What is so unbelievable is that each of these unborn animals looks just like the adult, born, version. perhaps you thought that animals somehow looked strange and unrecognizable before they were born. These images will show without a doubt that they in fact look exactly as they do when they are born.

Please take a moment to look at these amazing images and then share them with others. Be sure to pay attention to the last image, it is particularly special and important.

1. Unborn Elephant


Peter Chinn

2. Unborn Horse

Unborn Horse

Peter Chinn

3. Unborn Leopard

Unborn Leopard

Peter Chinn

4. Unborn Penguin

Unborn Penguin

Peter Chinn

5. Unborn Dolphin


Peter Chinn

6. Unborn Tiger Shark

Unborn Tiger Shark

Peter Chinn

7. Unborn Lemon Shark

Unborn Lemon Shark

Peter Chinn

8. Unborn Polar Bears

Unborn Polar Bears

Peter Chinn

9. Unborn Snake

Unborn Snake

Peter Chinn

10. Unborn Possum

Unborn Possum

Peter Chinn

11. Unborn Bats

Unborn Bats

Peter Chinn

12. Unborn Chihuahua

Unborn Chihuahua

Peter Chinn

Clump of Cells?

Clump of Cells?

Peter Chinn

Did you catch that? Is that last one just a “clump of cells” as abortion advocates continue to claim?

What makes this image so incredible is that it looks exactly like a born human baby, just as each of the animals looks like its born version. But while no one would look at the unborn elephant and say it’s a zebra, or look at the cheetah and say it’s a cow, abortion advocates look at the image of a human baby and say it’s a “clump of cells.”

How can anyone dismiss the fact that this is an unborn human child? How can Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates continue to lie to women and say that what’s inside them is not in fact a baby? As we can all see, this is nothing short of a callous lie.

To look at images of unborn animals and say they are in fact animals while dismissing the fact that an unborn baby is in fact a human being is intellectually dishonest and dehumanizing. The truth is that unborn human’s are not given the protections and rights of person-hood granted in our Constitution even though they quite obviously deserve them. because they are not given these rights some would have us believe it is acceptable to kill unborn children via abortion. That seems, at best, unjust and morally appalling.

These images need shared so people can continue to understand just how human an unborn child really is. With its own separate and unique DNA, heartbeat, brain function, and body, an unborn child is far from a “clump of cells.” An unborn child is a unique and special human being that deserves all the protections every other living human is granted. To this end I will continue to oppose abortion and seek an end to this cruel, inhumane practice of legalized murder.

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