Video: March for Life Participants In Their Own Words

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If there is no fundamental, basic right to life, can any other rights really exist? That is a question that all people should ask when discussing the issue of abortion. If we as humans have the “right” to kill another living human being what other rights do we really have?

Every year on the anniversary of the infamous Roe V. Wade decision the March 4 Life takes place in Washington, D.C. Despite nearly non-existent media coverage the March 4 Life is the largest protest march in our nation’s capitol every year.

While the media tries to portray pro-lifers as old, cranky men trying to wage a “war on women,” the face of the pro-life movement is composed of young men and women that understand the evil of abortion. To get a better idea of why so many people would brave freezing temperatures each year to participate in the March 4 Life, take a look at this short video. You will hear from participants as they explain in their own words why they march.

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