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Do we really need to comment on everything that happens? Each time there is an event in society that raises even a little concern there is an expectation the following day that the Internet will blow up with commentary from every corner. There is furthermore, an expectation by people that such commentary will exist in order to give them “perspective.”

But do I really need to comment on the Grammy’s?

Christian singer Natalie Grant didn’t feel the need to comment. She simply got up and walked out of the show after witnessing the “demonic” performance. She later tweeted that she had “never been more honored to sing about Jesus and for Jesus.”

Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron did comment that there is “a lot of evil in the world” after seeing what he described as “demonic” performances.

For what it’s worth it seems, the folks directing the Grammy’s decided to cater to as small a crowd as possible. So they decided to appease Satanists, homosexuals, and…whatever crowd enjoyed Beyonce’s “performance.” And while I wish I could just forget it all and move on there is an urge to comment (Though, admittedly I didn’t watch the show and caught the “highlights” the next day.).

It is a sad commentary on our society when average people question what they witnessed. The Internet was buzzing with comments from people wondering out loud if Katy Perry just “summoned Satan” during her performance. Even E Online! pondered if they were watching “actual witchcraft.”

What this says, if nothing else, is that no area of society is safe from the radical social and political agenda being forced on America. Even though an absolute majority of Americans finds anything having to do with Satan repulsive, both atheists and Satanists are advancing their agendas to the delight of those that despise God and all that He stands for. Modesty and virtue are being replaced with the encouragement to “explore sexuality”; even if you desire to do so on stage on live television. The love between a man and woman is being redefined to include homosexuals, polygamists and polyamorists; because after apparently it’s all the “same love.”

And before anyone quips about it being “entertainment” I want you to answer a simple question. If Beyonce and Jay-Z had performed their routine on your front porch with your entire family and neighborhood present, would it have still been appropriate “entertainment”? Anyone with an ounce of moral fiber knows that their lewd act was no more worthy of accolades than any other pornographic show. But somehow because they are “pop icons” – whatever that means – it is acceptable for them to be lewd in public; whereas if anyone else is lewd in public they get arrested or fined, or both.

The Grammy’s were nothing short of a celebration of sex, witchcraft and debauchery from those who believe they know what kind of entertainment America wants. We are now the epitome of the past civilizations that fell into ruin because of their preoccupation and fascination with entertainment and sex. We are no better than Sodom and Gomorrah. Ancient Rome has nothing on America. These nations that were destroyed because they valued sex, immorality, and entertainment beyond character and virtue should be a warning and lesson for us. It seems our lawmakers and Hollywood isn’t paying attention.

Katy Perry, GRAMMYS 2014

Image credit: Eonline!

Sadly, too many Christians watched the Grammy’s without a single red flag going up. This explains a lot, actually. This explains the state of television in general and the shows being offered as “entertainment.” This explains how people professing to be disciples of Christ can lose their sense of modesty and dress in provocative clothing that has only sinful intentions in mind. This explains why entertainment has become preeminent in the lives of believers to the detriment of faith. This also explains why churches are resorting to becoming venues of entertainment in order to attract people.

Katy Perry’s satanic performance and Beyonce’s lewd performance set the stage for Macklemore’s political performance. The hip-hop artist sang a song in which he bashed “right-wing conservatives” for believing homosexuality was a choice. He displayed his theological ignorance by declaring that whatever god people came from, it’s all the same one. He continued by comparing the push to redefine marriage with the struggles blacks faced during the civil rights movement. But he really showed the hand of the LGBT movement by saying “a certificate on paper ain’t gonna solve it all.” In this one phrase he admits what defenders of traditional marriage already know, that efforts to redefine marriage are part of a greater strategy to redefine society.

I have to agree with Macklemore, a certificate on paper won’t solve it all. The push to redefine marriage is no longer about rights. Maybe at one time it was, but those days are long gone. Incremental gains in rights through legislation proved that even if laws are passed you can’t change the hearts and minds of people. The LGBT movement is no longer concerned about rights; they now demand acceptance, approval, and celebration of their lifestyle.

The persecution of people of faith throughout this country has shown that anyone disagreeing with homosexuality, anyone daring to hold a religious view that says homosexuality is a sin will be punished. The federal government has decided that people of faith, conservatives, are a threat to their desired society. So the push to demand acceptance and approval from all people has begun.

A baker in Colorado, a florist in Washington, a photographer in New Mexico, a church in New Jersey have all been the victim of this effort to force acceptance on society. These people stated their religious beliefs as the reason they could not join in celebrating a same-sex ceremony and were sued for it. They were told by their government that they had to render their services or face fines and the full force of the law against them. Others were told that such participation is the “price of citizenship” in America.

How far we’ve come as a nation. We now celebrate Satanism, atheism, immorality and debauchery; and we punish morality, virtue, and holiness. Only the naïve would believe we will not face the judgment of God for our wicked arrogance against Him.

Perhaps I would be better off taking a cue from Natalie Grant and keeping these thoughts inside my own head. On the other hand, there is a great need for comment.

Below is a video of the performance by Macklemore. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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