Will You Join the Girl Scout Cookie Ban?

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Girl Scout cookiesThe Girl Scouts will soon be selling their cookies door to door in an annual fundraiser that’s become a regular tradition for many supporters. Considering the current ideological leanings of the Girl Scouts, it might be time to stop buying those cookies.

First, the Girl Scouts has partnered with Planned Parenthood to teach sexual experimentation at a young age as well as abortion to many girls. The very fact that the Girl Scouts would find it acceptable to partner with the nation’s largest abortion business should be cause enough to stop supporting the organization.

Next, the Girl Scouts recently honored both Wendy Davis and Kathleen Sebelius for being “women of courage” and put them among their 2013 “Women of the Year.” Wendy Davis has done nothing more than lie about her life story, divorce her husband after he paid her student loans, abandon her children, and support abortion. Kathleen Sebelius has done nothing more than give millions in funding to Planned Parenthood, and advocate for abortion. Are these really the “women of the year” the Girl Scouts want their girls emulating?

Whatever the Girl Scouts once were, they are now an organization that advocates sexual activity in minors, homosexuality, and abortion. And every box of cookies bought helps them continue their social agenda of immorality.

Of course the Girl Scouts claim that every not one dime of money from the cookies goes to the national office and that all the money stays with the local troops. But a recent article explains this semantic trickery:

“The Girl Scouts claims that 100% of cookie revenue stays with the regional councils, with a portion going to the local troop, and that the national office receives no revenue from cookie sales. However, Girl Scouts USA receives millions in licensing fees for every box sold, money that contributes substantially to its enormous budget.”

In other words, every box of cookies you buy helps support and promote abortion, among other things, within the Girl Scouts organization. As a dedicated pro-life advocate I cannot in good conscience support an organization that partners with the largest abortion business in the world, Planned Parenthood, and believes killing unborn children is acceptable. As a Christian I find supporting the Girl Scouts wholly objectionable.

Another outspoken opponent of the Girl Scouts for their abortion ties is Ann Saladin, who runs MyGirlScoutCouncil.com. Saladin shows that even the regional councils, and therefore much of the profit from cookie sales, are directly implicated in abortion advocacy. Her website lists all the local councils with abortion troubles.

Some think the Girl Scouts are too big to be affected by boycotts. Recent years have proven that both boycotts and former Girl Scouts seeking to warn others of the immorality being taught by the Girl Scouts have severely hindered the program. The Breitbart article referenced above reports:

“…the Girl Scouts has been on a remarkable slide. Its membership is down 7% from 2.8 million members to 2.2 million. It has had to consolidate councils from 312 to 112. From 2007 to 2011, donations dropped 29% from $148 million to $104 million, and a once $150 million in the black pension fund is now $347 million in the red.”

I’ve been accused in the past when writing on this subject of fear mongering, or even unjustly attacking an organization that does “some good.” Those arguments sound similar to the ones leveled against opponents of Planned Parenthood. Sure, Planned Parenthood does “some good” by providing free condoms and birth control, and once in a while they do an adoption referral. But they are an abortion industry seeking to perform as many abortions as possible each year. The evil perpetrated by Planned Parenthood far outweighs any slight “good” they manage. Supporting them for their meager “good” while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of innocent children they kill is like digging to the bottom of the trash can to find a half-eaten, worm infested apple and being happy about it.

Likewise, supporting the Girl Scouts while knowing they advocate and teach immorality and sin is no different. For whatever amount of “good” the Girl Scouts manage they are still pushing a radical social agenda that includes sexual activity among minors, homosexuality, and abortion. In light of these facts it is hardly fear-mongering or an unjust attack to warn people of just who and what they are supporting.

The reality is that a boycott will hurt local troops that depend on the money raised to operate each year. I understand that hard truth. But it does not, for me, diminish the fact that buying cookies is the same as buying an abortion. I would never hand someone the money so she could go have an abortion, so why would I buy a box of cookies that will have the same effect?

If the Girl Scouts really care about their local troops and making sure they can maximize cookie sales all they need to do is stop giving money to abortion advocates and cut ties with Planned Parenthood. This one simple gesture would have an impact as it sends the message that the Girl Scouts do not support abortion either financially or through any partnership. The fact that both Wendy Davis and Kathleen Sebelius are considered “women of the year” however, signals just what kind of woman the Girl Scouts desire to create.

For this reason I have no intention or desire to partner with or support the Girl Scouts. To local troops affected I understand your financial position will be harmed, and that is unfortunate. But don’t blame me. I’m only seeking to live according to my moral and religious convictions. The Girl Scouts are doing the same and your involvement helps them achieve that goal.

If you want a great alternative to the Girl Scouts that will teach many of the same life skills while promoting life,AHG traditional marriage, patriotism, and more, check out the American Heritage Girls.

I had the privilege of eating with one of the founder, Patti Garibay of this incredible organization last year in Washington, D.C. This was after seeing her girls in action as they opened a seminar be presenting the colors (American Flag) and leading in the pledge of allegiance. From very young to high school age these girls showed such poise that I had to comment to Ms. Garibay at how impressed I was.

There’s really no need to continue supporting an organization that promotes immorality such as abortion when an alternative like the American Heritage Girls exists. The last thing we as parents need is to have yet another entity in our daughter’s life undermining the values and morals we are trying to instill. I highly recommend looking into the American Heritage Girls and finding a troop near you to support and participate in.

By now you’ve figured out that I won’t be buying any Girl Scout cookies anytime soon. I can’t tell you what to do with your money, but me and my house will seek to support organizations that believe life is sacred. I simply cannot allow another single dollar to help fund the abortion industry.

The video below is an introduction to the American Heritage Girls. Take a look and consider where you want your daughter learning. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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