WV State Lawmakers Vote to Support Later Term Abortion. Here’s How They Voted.

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Not long ago I wrote an article showing the strange priorities of West Virginia lawmakers. They were feverishly trying to protect us all from polluted water after the chemical spill while ignoring the babies killed via abortion right down the street from their offices.

The latest news from our state capitol is that our lawmakers have voted to support late-term abortion.

The purpose of H.B. 2364 was to protect unborn children capable of feeling pain from the torture of abortion after 20 weeks, except in the case of a medical emergency. Pain capable child protect bills are becoming very popular in light of science that says unborn children can feel pain at 20 weeks. Knowing those children can feel pain at 20 weeks means any abortion performed after that point is nothing short of cruel torture for that child.

West Virginians for Life, through LifeNews.com, said:

“Minority Leader Tim Armstead (R-Kanawha) made the motion to Discharge the Committee and bring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to the floor of the House.  The vote to Discharge the Committee failed 48 to 48.  The vote was along party lines with the Republicans voting for the bill and two Democrats crossing over to vote for it: Delegates Jeff Eldridge (D-Lincoln) and Ricky Moye (D-Raleigh).”

Once again our lawmakers have claimed to be pro-life while proving they support the unregulated abortion industry in West Virginia. They have ignored the overwhelming majority of West Virginians that support life and want to see the abortion industry regulated. They have shown that decades of one party leadership in West Virginia is partially responsible for the position we are in nationally. They have failed.

To the lawmakers that voted to defend unborn children from torture and pain, thank you. To those who turned a blind eye to the suffering of West Virginia’s most vulnerable mountaineers, shame on you. The graphic below shows exactly how each lawmaker voted on this critical bill. I highly recommend letting your lawmaker know if you are pleased with his or her vote. All contact information for lawmakers can be found here.

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