Must Watch: John Piper and Francis Chan Talk About Abortion in Church

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If you’ve ever wondered whether a pastor should discuss abortion church, or if the pastor should use graphic images of aborted babies as illustrations, you must watch this video.

John Piper and Francis Chan discuss how to discuss abortion while being sensitive to post-abortive women in your church. They further discuss the use of graphic images depicting abortion within the church. I think a lot of people will be surprised by this discussion an the positions taken by the two prominent pastors.

If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

Pastor Francis Chan sought to explain how to properly use graphic images in the church by saying: “We have a responsibility to preach the full counsel of God’s word, which includes Him being the giver of life, the creator of life, and protecting life, and not trying to usurp or take that authority away from him. The whole idea of not killing in this way, murdering, these are real commands. And we tend to pick and choose, and say ‘Well, the people aren’t going to like that…’ but I have to stand before God and say everything. This is a real issue. It’s prevalent in our world today.”

The video does show some graphic material so please use caution in watching the video. But, as Father Frank Pavone has said many times, “American won’t end abortion until America sees abortion.”

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