Full House’s DJ Tanner Talks About Marriage and Faith

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B & H PublishingIf you remember TGIF growing up you have no trouble remembering that Full House played a central role in that lineup and DJ Tanner – Candace Cameron-Bure – was one of the stars. Candace is all grown up now with a family and have become quite outspoken, like her brother Kirk Cameron – regarding her faith.

Candace recently released a book called “Balancing It All” in which she talks about her faith and her marriage. In the her discussions about her marriage she takes a complimentarian view from the Bible and applies it to her own life. This caused some heat from media and other feminists that degraded her for her position. But, taking it all in stride she calmly explained that she lives life according to her faith and wont’ apologize for it. When asked about her position and the media heat by Christianity Today, she said:

“Yeah, I did an interview with Huffington Post for my book…. They got to the chapter on marriage, and I wrote in there that I tend to take a more submissive role, and let my husband take the lead. They thought that was quite controversial, to which I giggled, and explained my point of view. But it hit a nerve. The press took it and ran with it, and it was pretty much the hot topic on every single talk show for that week and more. This is what has worked in our marriage, and I take it from a biblical standpoint. I literally did giggle because there’s nothing in there that’s offensive towards me or devalues my role as a woman or as a wife within my marriage. We have different roles within our marriage, and they do complement each other.”

Good for her. Rather than apologizing for her Christian faith she defended it with common sense remarks and didn’t back down. Read the rest of the interview here, including some cool Post Full House trivia you might not have known.

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