What Do Polls Reveal About Americans and Abortion?

Posted on March 6, 2014 in Life by

A recent article at LifeNews.com shows that Americans are consistently pro-life on the issue of abortion. The issue is an in-depth look at the use of specific words in polls and how it affects the outcome, but the results show a strong pro-life leaning in nearly every poll.

The two poll results shown below are representative of many polls taken over the last decade. The number vary slightly at times but polls consistently show that Americans favor life. This begs the question of why our federal government under the Obama administration has given more money to abortion groups like Planned Parenthood than ever before? And why repeal policies like the Mexico City policy put in place by former president George W. Bush to prohibit the U.S. from sending money for abortion to foreign countries? And why demand, through the HHS mandate and ObamaCare that tax money be spent to pay for abortions?

This also begs the question of why our lawmakers in West Virginia have not made abortion in welfare illegal, allow state tax money to be used for abortions, and still have not enacted any common sense health and safety restrictions on the abortion industry in our state. Obviously our lawmakers, both state and federal are not listening to the people that elected them.



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