Planned Parenthood Has A Message for Your Kids You Probably Won’t Like

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Forget sex education, Planned Parenthood is teaching kids about BDSM and sadomasochism. The extremist abortion group desires to “educate” kids in every public school as young as Kindergarten with their brand of immoral, sexually deviant behavior. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is no exception with their latest episode of “A Naked Notion.” According to a recent article the latest video features host Laci Green stating that “BDSM is based on trust.” She goes on to say:

“People sometimes think that those who practice BDSM are emotionally scarred or were once abused—not true, it’s a total myth. BDSM relies upon and creates trust.”

The article then reveals details of other videos in the series intended for school age children:

“Other videos posted on ‘A Naked Notion’ include one exploring abortion options, and touting abortion as a ‘safe, legal medical procedure.’ In another, she talks about how she lost her virginity at 16, how she doesn’t ‘regret it.’ It’s not about age, she says, it’s whether ‘you want to’ or not.”

Focus on the Family is, as many others are, disgusted by the thought of such content being presented to children in schools without parental consent or knowledge:

“This is a growing trend, the push to normalize — and even celebrate — deviant sexual behavior. Planned Parenthood should be held accountable for sexualizing and exploiting teenagers and children through the promotion of any and every type of sexual behavior. They’ve fed for too long at the government trough, and should be stripped of any taxpayer monies.”

I couldn’t agree more, which is why I’m urging you to take action and tell Congress to end taxpayer funding for the “non-profit” abortion group. Focus on the Family has provided additional information on this story as well as contact information so you can let Congress know how you feel. Even though President Obama has given Planned Parenthood more money than any other president, we can urge our lawmakers in Congress to end that money stream.

Take Action to Defund Planned Parenthood
Please urge the U.S. House of Representatives to stop using our tax dollars to fund a group that encourages teens to participate in unhealthy, dangerous sexual activities.

Learn more about “A Naked Notion”on PPNNE’s website.

(Caution: Mature subject matter: Not appropriate for children and teens.)
Watch the episode: “Getting Kinky—BDSM 101.”

Read “Quick Guide: God’s Design for Sexuality; Sexual Brokenness and Restoration.”

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