BREAKING: Fetal Pain Bill in West Virginia Awaiting Governor’s Signature!

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Breaking NewsThe much discussed Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act has passed every legislative hurdle that has been thrown at it. With much discussion the life saving bill has made it through the state senate and is now on its way to Gov. Tomblin for his signature. Unfortunately, if a quote in a recent article is any indication, the governor may not be signing the bill. The article stated:

“West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said he’s concerned that a bill to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks could be unconstitutional. ‘Even the legislative attorneys and others have said that they feel that the bill is unconstitutional,’ he said Saturday.”

The bill passed by an 85-15 margin and would enjoy majority support in the state. And with provisions for the mother’s life embedded there is little doubt that the bill would stand up to judicial scrutiny.

Gov. Tomblin has always claimed to be pro-life but done little to nothing to defend life or advance life in West Virginia. This is his chance to put actions to his talk and prove to the people of West Virginia that he is more than just talk. If he chooses to veto this bill it will send shock waves across the state and keep West Virginia as one of just nine states with not a single limitation on abortion.

I encourage you to contact Gov. Tomblins office and let him know you support this bill and want to see him sign it. Our encouragement should not be necessary for someone that claims to be pro-life, but perhaps it will remove any hesitancy on the part of the Governor. (Click here to contact the Governor’s office.)

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