Homosexuals Don’t Have Facts – Just Emotional Narrative

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emotionalIncluding homosexuals in your advertising is now considered “good business.” That’s according to the president and CEO of GLAAD in response to the gay-friendly Coke commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

Many people saw the commercial and were upset. But the majority that were upset didn’t like the fact that verses of America the Beautiful were sung in other languages than English. While they fumed over the language issue Coke quietly inserted a gay family into the commercial, the first ever portrayal of homosexuals during the Super Bowl.

This is just another step in the effort to normalize deviant sexual behavior, as Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality commented:

“Coke’s Super Bowl ad is only the latest step in the escalating government-corporate campaign to normalize homosexuality in the culture…Americans are being conditioned to accept sexual perversion as normal and good, and there is some big corporate money behind it. It’s sad that families can’t even watch the Super Bowl anymore without having their faith undermined.”

It would be intellectually dishonest and absurdly useless to deny that there is an effort to normalize homosexuality. At every turn steps are being taken to present homosexuals and their families in a positive light as people that just want to “live freely” as everyone else does. Pictures of loving couples and families with adopted kids are splashed everywhere in an attempt to focus on the pretty, positive side of homosexuality.

This is nothing short of a deliberate attempt to manipulate the emotions of unsuspecting people. Emotional narrative has been the go-to strategy for gaining gay rights. Forget about facts, forget about truth, those don’t help advance the cause. Emotional narrative however is a winning strategy with an endless well.

A blog by Matt Walsh highlights the liberal, progressive strategy of using emotional narrative to gain support for their agenda. In this very well-written article Walsh cites more than a dozen examples of emotionally charged narratives that were used by the media and lawmakers to gain legal ground for homosexuals. He writes:

“[T]he false narrative is the primary weapon in the arsenal of the progressive. Maybe it’s their only weapon. In no area is this more pronounced or prevalent than in the realm of ‘gay rights.’ The gay rights movement is built on mischaracterizations, fabrications, and outright lies. They don’t always come up with the lie…but they will use it for their benefit.”

This can’t be overstated. The LGBT agenda is so charged with emotion that often truth and even logic, reason, or true tolerance is thrown right out the window. Examples given in Walsh’ blog prove that over and over again. Stories like the tie-dye birthday party rejection, waitress refused a tip, spray paint hate, and others are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you don’t know those stories, look them up and be educated. Hint: they all have one thing in common.

The emotional narrative is spreading to some of our most cherished areas of life, like sports. As Walsh points out, the story of Jason Collins shows just how powerful emotions can be. By all accounts, objective or otherwise, Jason Collins’ career was over as he is an aging, average player. But as soon as he comes out as gay his career is suddenly revitalized. One has to wonder if it was a planned career move for Collins to reveal his sexuality.

Another example is Michael Sam. This average college football player was a media star for a couple weeks after revealing he is gay. And it came just as the NFL combine was gearing up. How…timely. Could this have been a well-timed career move to ensure a higher draft pick?

Don’t think for a moment that any person, homosexual or otherwise, is beyond using emotions to gain the upper hand. The reality is that homosexuals have just become better at it than others due to a lack of any other tools. They don’t have facts; crimes against gays are not nearly as frequent as the media would have us believe. They don’t have science, did you hear they didn’t find that “gay gene.” They don’t have history, homosexuality has never been an integral part of any successful society.

Without any other means of gaining ground homosexual advocates have turned to the only tool left in their bag, emotional narrative. Combine that with lies and you have a powerful weapon against an unsuspecting populace. And it’s worked.

The latest example of this fact comes from Arizona where a bill to ensure the religious rights of business owners was vetoed by a very conservative governor as a result of the emotional narrative created by those opposing the bill. Facts were ignored; most people didn’t even read the text of the bill. All intelligent discussions were replaced with emotional verbal assaults that morphed the bill into a dehumanizing support for discrimination.

The New York Times posted an article that summed up the defeat adequately:

“[T]he issue was framed in the worst possible way for those people who are supporters of the bill. It became about human rights and human dignity and not religious conscience. As soon as it shifted from a debate about religious conscience to a respect for human dignity, it was a loser.”

And lose it did.

But it lost not because it was a bad bill or because it made discrimination legal. It lost because the opposition was able to mischaracterize the bill using emotional narrative. The bill lost because public opinion was shaped by emotions rather than facts. This is something we all have to guard against lest we be duped into supporting things that violate our conscience, morals, or religious convictions. Yes, emotions are that powerful.

There is a deliberate effort to normalize deviant sexual behavior in our society. That effort uses emotional narrative to sway public opinion and blind eyes. If the examples cited above are not clear evidence of this fact then nothing will convince you; or your emotions may be running too high.

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