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Can Evangelicalism Win America?

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When John Ockenga* noted in 1947 that fundamentalism was found wanting because, “fragmentation, segregation, separation, criticism, sensoriousness, suspicion, solecism is the order of the day for fundamentalism” he was spot-on.

However, the solution that Ockenga supplied, called evangelicalism, is also found wanting because through unity they have destroyed distinctions of the church–making her ineffective.

Evangelicalism was, after all, a response against fundamentalism’s hard line stances on non-essential doctrine, moralism and harsh condemnations. In some regards, Evangelicalism was a welcomed response that was both conservative and respectful.

What came about, though, was a watering down of theology to the lowest common denominator. In some ways, they avoided fragmentation, segregation, separation, criticism, sensoriousness, suspicion and solecism, but they did not avoid other vital issues which caused them to be susceptible to error.

Remember That Slippery Marriage Slope? As States Fall the Slope Gets Slippery-er!

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What is striking about each of these cases is the similarities, or relative similarities in each state. If you look closely at the list you will notice these are all predominantly conservative states. Each of these states embraces more traditional values and beliefs regarding a wide range of issues, including marriage. Each of these states tends to elect conservative leaders for both federal and state office. While certain exceptions exist these states are similar in their values, beliefs, politics, and governance.

I predicted that West Virginia would soon be added to this list. There is currently a lawsuit in federal court challenging the legality of West Virginia’s DOMA law. West Virginia doesn’t even have a constitutional amendment defining marriage because our lawmakers would not allow such an amendment to be added to the ballot in 2010 when it was requested. So the only thing preventing marriage from being redefined in West Virginia is our DOMA law, which is currently being challenged by several homosexual couples from Kanawha and Putnam counties. It’s only a matter of time before a federal judge redefines marriage for all of West Virginia unless the people pressure our lawmakers to take action. (Although, don’t count on Gov. Tomblin to sign any laws protecting marriage even if he does profess to be “pro-traditional marriage.” We see how his “pro-life” conviction worked out.)


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The New York Times recently reported that many people who are/were in a vegetative state and was once considered unable to ever recover, could have recovered.

In other words, people who doctors, judges, families and social workers made life ending decisions, it is now discovered, could have recovered.

Dr. Steven Laureys, an author of the new study and the director of the Coma Science Group at the University of Liège in Belgium, studied people considered in a vegetative state and one of his conclusionsstated, “Bedside clinical examinations can have high rates of misdiagnosis of unresponsive wakefulness syndrome (vegetative state) or minimally conscious state.”

How significant is this misdiagnosis? Among those in a vegetative state, 31% were able to recover into a minimally conscience state or a higher level of consciousness within a year, despite giving no hope of recovery.

Will Your 35 Year Old Kids Be Living in Your Basement?

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As a 5-year old child I can vividly remember asking my parents if we had enough money to pay bills, and get food. Not because we ever lacked the ability to pay our bills or buy food, but because things were tight and I had enough sense to be concerned about our financial matters. Now, people who know me best often joke that I still have the first nickel I ever earned saved somewhere for a rainy day.

One thing is for certain; I don’t want my kids to grow up without the ability to be savers and givers, and the responsibility of teaching kids proper stewardship falls squarely in the lap of parents. This is a responsibility that, sadly, many parents neglect and conclude their kids eventually will learn.

Don’t be so sure. I taught money management to high school juniors and seniors for a time, and I was amazed at what they didn’t know. They didn’t know how to balance a check book. They didn’t know how to write a check. They didn’t know you have to pay back the money you put on a credit card! And these are students preparing for college.

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru with years of experience. More importantly he knows what it is like to be wealthy, lose it all in bankruptcy, then claw his way back to the top stronger than ever. Now Dave Ramsey is a debt-free multi-millionaire that spends his time teaching others the principles needed to have “Financial Peace.”

Is This Sign Offensive and Worthy of Jail?

Posted on April 28, 2014 in Life by

A sign held by a pro-life activist in front of a Toronto abortion clinic has been called “disturbing,” “offensive,” “disruptive,” “disgusting,” “threatening” and “intimidating.” But is the sign really that bad?
The sign simply shows a crying infant with the words “Why, mom, when I have so much love to give?”

But according to one article, that sign landed pro life activist Linda Gibbons in jail. Is that really necessary?

Creation V. Evolution: Does One Take More Faith Than Another?

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The issue of how the world began is one of the most controversial discussions of our day. The debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye proved that people on both sides of the issue remain unconvinced by the arguments of the other side. For many adherents, whether they be to creation or evolution, the issue is a matter of faith.

If we are to be perfectly honest we must admit that whether one believes in evolution or creation there is a certain amount of faith that is involved. Line up the facts and the evidence for either argument and at the end of the day there will always be a small fragment of faith needed to resolutely proclaim belief in either side.

Why is that?

Simply put, we weren’t there.

If I visually witness a car accident I am able to give a very reliable testimony to police or even a jury if needed. My account of what took place would be considered far more reliable than that of someone that only heard the sound of the crash from inside their home.

If we translate this example to the issue of the origin of the iniverse we understand that since none of us were present when it happened, there will always be a measure of faith needed to believe in either evolution or Creation.

Parkersburg Wrestling Team Allowed to Wear Bible Verse on Shirts – For Now

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Two developments in the case of a Scripture verse on the shirts of Parkersburg, WV wrestling team members have been confirmed.

First, the verse, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me,” that was in the gym, and on the wrestling website, has been painted over, according to a recent article.

But, thankfully, according to local attorney Bill Merriman, the wrestlers will be allowed to continue wearing their t-shirts with the verse printed on the back. Merriman told conservative commentator Todd Starnes:

Christians Opposing Homosexuality Must Be Fired. Muslims Not So Much.

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We learned from Brendan Eich that if you support traditional marriage and people at your job find out, you could be fired. But for anyone that thinks this is an isolated incident and nothing to worry about; think again.

The Telegraph is reporting that a Christian nursery worker has been fired for refusing to read books about homosexuals to children. Citing her religious beliefs, Sarah Mbuyi said it would violate her convictions to read such stories to children. She was fired for those convictions and is now suing her former employer.

This is only the latest in a string of incidents where Christians have been fired or forced to resign for their religious convictions. In some cases, people were fired for exercising their constitutional rights as private citizens outside their place of employment. The case of Crystal Dixon at the University of Toledo comes to mind.

More Aborted Babies Being Burned as Heating Fuel

Posted on April 24, 2014 in Life by

Remember the shocking report from the UK about aborted babies being burned as heating fuel? Another report has surfaced but this time the aborted babies are being used to heat places right here in the United States!

A report states:

“An Oregon county commission has ordered an incinerator to stop accepting boxed medical waste to generate electricity after learning the waste it’s been burning may include tissue from aborted fetuses from British Columbia.”

There you have it, aborted babies are marked as “medical waste” and used to heat homes. Can we really be shocked and surprised at such actions when Planned Parenthood continually tells us that unborn children are just a “clump of cells” or “blobs of tissue”? If they’re just cells and tissue why not burn them to heat homes? But our sensibilities and morals tell us otherwise. They tell us that burning the remains of murdered children is wrong. So we are justifiably angry.

An article at carries the comment of one of the commissioner’s overseeing the factor where the incident is said to have occurred:

“We are outraged and disgusted that this material could be included in medical waste received at the facility,” said Commissioner Janet Carlson. “We did not know this practice was occurring until today. We are taking immediate action and initiating discussions with Covanta Marion to make certain that this type of medical waste is not accepted in the future.”

I’m glad she is “outraged and disgusted” with the incident. I have a feeling most people would be. The problem is that this is a result of the throwaway culture being created by abortion activists like Planned Parenthood. You can’t foster a respect for life that prevents these incidents while telling people it’s okay to kill their unborn children. The two are incompatible. So if we are really shocked and disgusted let’s take action against the groups responsible for creating the culture. Let’s end abortion once and for all.

Another Hollywood Actress Blasted by Feminists for Thinking What Millions of Others Think

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Quiz: What do Stacey Dash, Candace Cameron-Bure, and Kiersten Dunst all have in common?

Give up?

The answer is that they each have been attacked recently in the media for their personal views; views which millions of Americans share.

In a stunning display of “tolerance,” liberals’ heads nearly exploded when a successful black woman, Dash, endorsed Mitt Romney in the last presidential election. What makes Dash’ experience so interesting is that she is a self-proclaimed Democrat that voted for Obama in 2008 but sad she wanted “the next four years to be different.”

Apparently the “hope and change” promised weren’t working out for Dash. So, as any intelligent person would do she reevaluated and decided to support another candidate. Imagine that? Dash said of her decision:


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