If This Photo Shows “Gay Pride” Then Gays Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

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Warning: Graphic image below that some might find disturbing.

Let’s suppose you are walking in the park with your children enjoying a beautiful day. The kids are running and laughing while you stroll along and everyone is enjoying themselves. Suddenly a most disturbing image reveals itself as a completely nude man strolls down the sidewalk toward your children.

What would you do?

Like nearly every parent you would most like grab your kids and run in the opposite direction seeking shelter from the offensive image. You would do everything in your power to keep your kids from seeing the image and perhaps call the police to report the indecency.

Why would you do that?

I suspect that you would react in that way because you inherently know that it is not right for someone, man or woman, to be walking around the park naked. We have laws against public nudity that forbid such things. We have those laws not only to protect the innocence of children, but to protect the moral conscience of people in general. Decency an nudity laws protect innocence, conscience, order, and the morals of people that would otherwise be susceptible to diverse forms of crude, lascivious behaviors.

The picture below illustrates that thought with pinpoint accuracy.

Pride Parade

This image, taken at the “pride parade” in Toronto illustrates what awaits the nation that normalizes deviant sexual behavior. Returning to our discussion about what you would do in the park, try to find the difference between that scenario and what this man is doing. This man, regardless of what anyone else claims, is doing nothing but walking in public nude, offending the moral sensibilities of children and violating public decency laws.

Oh, but don’t you know that this is a “proud” gay man showing off his pride? That’s rubbish. Women have pride events without getting naked. Blacks have pride events without being indecent. Many different groups of people, veterans, minorities and others, have pride events without behaving in a morally debase and crude way. The difference here is that homosexuals expect to be allowed to do anything they want because they have been given “special class” status by governments.

There is nothing to be proud of for this man, or the people participating in this vile parade. If this is the height of homosexual freedom and normalization what exactly will be the fruit? If gays are so vaulted and protected by the government that they can walk down the street naked while people cheer then we as a society should prepare for our downfall because we have completely lost our moral compass. History has shown time and again, Babylon, Rome, that the nation that loses its moral compass and elevates sex above morals is doomed for downfall.

Furthermore, what kind of parents take their children to this sort of public display of filth? Would these same parents take their kids to a porno movie? As comforting as it is to see the little girl in blue cover her eyes in order to protect her own innocence, it is equally disturbing to see the little red-headed girl watch with eyes wide open.

Most troubling of all is that neither little girl is being shielded by a parent from seeing this naked man’s genitals.

Is the height of success for the LGBT movement? Is walking around public in front of children considered some sort of achievement? Is the “right” to public indecency – even though others don’t have the same “right” – the ultimate goal for this movement?

How is anyone supposed to take seriously or respect a group that would advocate for such perverse actions? In any other setting this behavior would be squarely condemned and immediately halted. But it seems that all one needs to do is say he is gay and suddenly a whole new set of “rights” appear out of thin air. But that’s the point isn’t it. The LGBT movement isn’t about equality or legal recognition; it’s about gaining rights that no one else has, rights to display their vulgarity in public for everyone to see. Somehow, being a “proud” gay person involves being naked in public.

The irony in our society is hard to miss. Women working the streets and back alleys selling sex are called “sluts” and “whores.” Women making movies doing the same things or “escorting” men are called classy, business women. Creepy men that stalk women and children in parks and neighborhoods exposing themselves are called perverts. Gay men walking the streets in broad daylight doing the same thing are called “proud.”

Only in a society that has no absolute standard for morals and truth can such irony exist. If public nudity is never acceptable then what these men are doing is wrong and should be stopped. But when one group of people is given special status and “rights” associated with that status such irony is not just allowed to exist, it is encouraged.

If this photo is the height of gay pride then I am glad to be a heterosexual. I would rather live in a world where prostitution and porno’s are equally wrong and creepy guys in the park and walking down the street naked is equally condemned. The moral vacuum on display in this photo is not a world I want to take part in. I will gladly choose a world with moral constraints over the so-called “freedom” purportedly taking place here.

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