Dr. James Dobson Beats ObamaCare HHS Mandate

Posted on April 21, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

Dr. James DobsonA recent article reports that a federal court has issued an injunction against enforcement of the ObamaCare HHS Mandate against Dr. James Dobson and his “Family Talk” radio show. Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Kevin Theriot commented on the injunction:

“Faith-based organizations should be free to operate according to the faith they teach and live out every day. If the government can fine Christian ministries out of existence because they want to uphold their faith, there is no limit to what other freedoms it can take away. The court was right to block enforcement of this unconstitutional mandate against Family Talk.”

Dr. Dobson said of the injunction:

“Our ministry believes in living out the religious convictions we hold to and talk about on the air. As Americans, we should all be free to live according to our faith and to honor God in our work. The Constitution protects that freedom so that the government cannot force anyone to act against his or her sincerely held religious beliefs. But the mandate ignores that and leaves us with a choice no American should have to make: comply and abandon your religious freedom, or resist and be fined for your faith.”

This is indeed good news for Dr. Dobson and all Americans that believe the government has no right to force anyone to violate their deeply held religious convictions. The fact remains that if the government can force us to violate our pro-life convictions it can and will seek to force us to violate other religious convictions. Dr. Dobson and others are right to stand up and oppose such government actions. Hopefully more Americans will do the same rather than give in to the apathy that is easy to succumb to.

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