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The Compromise Everyone Hates

Posted on May 31, 2014 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

Sometimes compromise is a good thing. The great compromise of the United States formed two houses in Congress but created a great nation.

In fact, there is much to be said for a person who can delve deep into the weeds to find a solution that can satisfy every side without compromising core principles.

However, when compromise violates core principles, it usually never satisfies anyone.

This is the position the Boy Scouts of America find themselves when over a year ago they dropped their fight against allowing homosexuals to be members of the organization, but they refused to allow leaders to be openly gay. The compromise violated core principles of the pro-marriage supporters and the homosexual rights supporters making neither side

This is the type of compromise that must only make sense in a stuffy committee room somewhere.

The Doctrine of God: God the Creator Makes His Creativity Known

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Theology by

First, God is the author of all creation including the creative passion given to individuals today. And second, creativity for the glory of Christ should be encouraged by Christians and the church.

Many young evangelicals feel as though the church has turned its back on creativity. At various times throughout history creativity in the arts was deemed sinful and inappropriate for believers. But if God is a creator and author of all creative gifts then creating for the glory of Christ should be celebrated.

Sadly, many Christians have abandoned creativity and left music, art, literature, and movies to lost people. There is a resurgence of Christians in Hollywood that are boldly speaking about their faith. They are encouraging young believers to pursue careers in the arts for the glory of Jesus. Faith themed movies are making waves in Hollywood and stumping critics regularly. Movies like: Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Soul Surfer, The Blind Side, and God’s Not Dead are bringing faith to the big screen. We should support these works and encourage those in Hollywood making these movies. The ability of art to transcend cultural and denominational lines makes it a powerful tool we as Christians should be utilizing rather than ignoring.

VIDEO: 18 Year Old West Virginia Student Running for Office

Posted on May 29, 2014 in Public Policy by

In the video below political personality Glenn Beck interviews 18-year-old Hedgesville, West Virginia graduating senior Saira Blair. Blair is running for a seat in the House of Delegates in West Virginia, which would make her the youngest to ever hold such a seat. Beck interviews Blair about what made her want to run for office, some of her goals if elected, and her relationship with God.
Watch the video below. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

How Mark Cuban and Al Sharpton Prove Liberals Like Racists

Posted on May 29, 2014 in Public Policy by

I have no trouble agreeing that there is no place for racism in our society. That’s’ a no brainer that we can all get behind and unite around. But if that is the case then racism in all its forms – including black on white racism – must be punished. To allow Al Sharpton, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee and others to continue their lives unscathed by their racist comments is what perpetuates racism. The reverse racism that is rampant in our country is serving to fuel the racist fires.

No group of people, black, white, Jewish or otherwise, can fight to end racism while living a racist life. And yet Sharpton and his ilk have done just that. It’s good money for Sharpton. But he has served no one and made no difference in the world.

VIRAL VIDEO: This Pro Life Water Mosaic is Stunning

Posted on May 28, 2014 in Life by reported on the world’s largest water mosaic and the unintentional pro-life message it shared. The LifeNews article states:

“I had originally hoped the video was made with the intent to spread the pro-life message but it turns out it has a very different purpose: to spread awareness of the global clean water crisis…From the video’s post on YouTube: ‘To raise awareness among the general public about the global clean water crisis, the artist Belo created an image composed of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater simulating levels of impurities found in water all over the planet. This major work of 3,600 square feet, representing a fetus in the maternal womb, emphasizes the necessity of water, even before birth, for each living person.’

“How right Belo is: every living person has common needs, like water, even the living people in the womb. We also all have the common need to be alive. Whether or not Belo intended it, this beautiful art is a powerful message of the humanity of the preborn and their striking similarity to us, both in needs and likeness and in just about every other way that really counts.”

The video is below and it is well worth 2 minutes of your time. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

Boys Being Boys: The Redefinition of Boyhood in American Schools

Posted on May 28, 2014 in Sexuality by

So when experts like Christina Hoff-Summers starts talking, I start listening. Hoff-Summers is the resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and she has a serious message for America: Let boys be boys!

That might sound like a silly old cliché but more and more it is becoming a battle cry for many parents at odds with a society that wants their boys to behave like girls.

I’m not saying that people want boys to wear dresses and sport some well applied make-up. I’m talking about the effort to “reform” the behavior of boys so that it resembles that of girls. In other words, we’re taking the macho out of our boys and replacing it with feminine characteristics.

In a recent video for the American Enterprise Institute and Prager University, Hoff-Summers explains the problem taking place in schools regarding boys and their behavior:

URGENT: West Virginia Legislature Close to Forcing Special Session to Override Veto of Pro Life Bill

Posted on May 27, 2014 in Life by

I am pleased to report that news has been circulating that legislators in West Virginia are close to forcing a special session to seek an override to Gov. Tomblin’s veto of the 20 week abortion ban. Pro-lifers throughout the state and across the country were disappointed when Tomblin vetoed the bill for several reasons; least of all is the fact that he consistently claims to be pro-life. But his reasoning, that the bill is unconstitutional, doesn’t hold up considering that other states have passed similar bills that have withstood judicial challenge. is reporting: “In a speech Wednesday, House Minority Leader Tim Armstead (R-Kanawha) urged members to sign the petition. He said of Tomlin’s threat to veto, ‘I’m sure it’s a message to the remaining Democratic members to not sign the petition.’ However, Tomblin would have no choice if three-fifths of the members of both houses request it in writing. That means 22 in the Senate and 60 delegates. As of Thursday night, Armstead said it was his understanding that ’54 delegates and 23 senators had signed the petition,’ the Charleston Gazette reported.”

Overwhelming: A Lack of Morality and Increase in Lawlessness in America

Posted on May 27, 2014 in Public Policy by

If you thought 9/11 was a big deal (and it was), what is happening in our world today is even bigger. The events taking place both here in the United States and around the world are changing the course for nations and citizens worldwide.

What is taking place is nothing short of a strategic campaign to overload the system and cause mass confusion that will eventually give more power to politicians and those in power. This is a deliberate tactic of liberals and progressives seeking to radically change the political and social landscape of America. When you overload the system – any system – all it takes is a little misinformation here a little disinformation there and viola new laws are passed, regulations added, taxes raised, and no one is the wiser.

But this is how it has to be. We have to pass laws in order to find out what’s in them. It’s worked so well with ObamaCare, why not do it again with gun laws, marriage laws, abortion laws, religious freedom laws, search and seizure laws, and any other laws liberals don’t like and want to change. As long as liberals can create a distraction big enough to keep America’s attention for a week or two they can hold late night meets in Congress and pass or change any laws they want.

Another One (Three Marriage Protection Laws) Bites the Dust

Posted on May 26, 2014 in Marriage by

Judge strikes down Idaho marriage protection law.

Judge strikes down Arkansas marriage protection law.

Judge strikes down Oregon marriage protection law.

The disturbing trend of judicial activism that continues to plague our country has claimed more victims. I’ve previously written about what is happening in a number of states regarding marriage. The previous article centered on 13 states: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Kentucky, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Michigan,
Tennessee, Indiana, Florida, and Ohio.

In each of these states federal judges or a combination of federal judges and state legislatures (in cooperation with attorney’s general) have either overturned voter approved laws or simply refused to defend state laws from attacks. Or a state was on the list because a challenge was in place and an outcome to the challenge was pending; as in the case of Oregon which has now “fallen” and had marriage redefined by a federal judge.

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck After Speaking at Liberty University

Posted on May 24, 2014 in Theology by

*This article is in response to Glenn Beck’s recent statements about the backlash of speaking at Liberty University. I have opposed inviting Glenn Beck speak at Convocation because he is not a Christian.

Dear Glenn Beck,

Discovering your program long before you moved to New York and then Texas, from the early days I enjoyed your political commentary, satire, and “Moron Trivia”. While I do not always agree with you, you have amassed an empire that does try to combat the liberal bias prevalent in other outlets. I rarely listen to you today, but I am not hostile to you.

I am a graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. In fact, I am not merely a one time graduate, I hold my undergraduate degree and a Master of Divinity, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty. I am a conservative and not one who would bash you or Liberty because of your conservative stance.

Yet, I opposed you speaking at my Alma Mater.


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