The LGBT Master Plan Began 30 Years Ago. And You Had No Idea

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rainbow fistWhat if I told you a plan was put in place nearly 30 years ago to normalize homosexuality in America? And that the blueprint for the plan was written in plain sight for anyone to see and yet most people have never heard it, read it, or know it exists?

The average person, myself included, would be tempted to believe that what we are seeing from LGBT activists today is a recently developed plan to normalize homosexuality. We would also be tempted to believe that the demonization of anyone that opposes the homosexual lifestyle, most notably Christians, is just an unfortunate casualty of this culture war.

We would be absolutely wrong.

In 1987 an article was written for Guide Magazine in which the authors, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, published their PR blueprint for normalizing homosexuality. The article ‘The Overhauling of Straight America,’ was later expanded into a book and published by one of America’s largest publishing houses where it became a bestseller.

The article opens with this statement:

“The first order of business is desensitization of the American public concerning gays and gay rights. To desensitize the public is to help it view homosexuality with indifference instead of with keen emotion. Ideally, we would have straights register differences in sexual preference the way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games: she likes strawberry and I like vanilla; he follows baseball and I follow football. No big deal.”

Has this objective been achieved? Certainly, with incredible success our society is in large part desensitized to homosexual behavior. Even those who oppose this immoral lifestyle do so with an almost apathetic shrug of their shoulders. Even more telling is those who oppose homosexuality as a “personal choice” but have no objection to homosexuality as a choice for others. The desensitization of America to this sinful behavior is, I would suggest, nearly complete.

One has to wonder if such desensitization campaigns have been waged regarding other issues. As we think about pornography and how almost laughable it has become to many in society it appears that such a campaign has been waged. Abortion is another issue in which activists are trying to desensitize America in order to normalize it. The latest immoral frontier is euthanasia. It is obvious that campaigns to desensitize the moral sensibilities of people to immoral and sinful behaviors are working.

The first strategy in this campaign is to talk about homosexuality often, until it becomes tiresome. The article states:

“The principle behind this advice is simple: almost any behavior begins to look normal if you are exposed to enough of it at close quarters and among your acquaintances. The acceptability of the new behavior will ultimately hinge on the number of one’s fellows doing it or accepting it. One may be offended by its novelty at first–many, in times past, were momentarily scandalized by ‘streaking,’ eating goldfish, and premarital sex. But as long as Joe Six-pack feels little pressure to perform likewise, and as long as the behavior in question presents little threat to his physical and financial security, he soon gets used to it and life goes on. The skeptic may still shake his head and think ‘people arc crazy these days,’ but over time his objections are likely to become more reflective, more philosophical, less emotional.”

How often have LGBT activists said that legalizing gay “marriage”  poses no threat to religious freedom, or any other personal liberties and rights? That has been a constant chorus from their loudest advocates. And yet I would say that people like Brendan Eich and Crystal Dixon have been personally harmed. Not to mention the photographer in New Mexico, baker in Colorado, and florist in Washington, to name a few. But how many people have been duped into supporting LGBT activists in their legal fights only to realize they were indeed duped? Even Christians have supported this sin even as their brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted for standing for biblical truth. But LGBT activists continue the rhetoric that no harm will come to the “physical and financial security” of every day Americans.

And for anyone that believes this is not a deceptive campaign, the statement that “the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent–only later his unsightly derriere,” should remove those thoughts.

To be clear, churches and the clear teachings of Scripture on the subject of sexuality were a target from the beginning. The sentiment that infringement on religious freedoms and rights were not intended is blatantly false. The article makes that clear:

“When conservative churches condemn gays, there are only two things we can do to confound the homophobia of true believers. First, we can use talk to muddy the moral waters. This means publicizing support for gays by more moderate churches, raising theological objections of our own about conservative interpretations of biblical teachings, and exposing hatred and inconsistency. Second, we can undermine the moral authority of homophobic churches by portraying them as antiquated backwaters, badly out of step with the times and with the latest findings of psychology. Against the mighty pull of institutional Religion one must set the mightier draw of Science & Public Opinion (the shield and sword of that accursed “secular humanism”). Such an unholy alliance has worked well against churches before, on such topics as divorce and abortion. With enough open talk about the prevalence and acceptability of homosexuality, that alliance can work again here.”

Churches and Christians have certainly been fooled into believing that no-fault divorce and abortion on demand are acceptable practices. Even though the Bible gives clear, specific instructions for a justifiable divorce and only after attempts at reconciliation have failed; Christians regularly divorce for non-justifiable, non-biblical reasons. Christians have been equally fooled regarding abortion, how else could the most pro-abortion president in American history get re-elected?

If you’re curious as to where we are in this campaign to normalize homosexuality, this statement from the article should clear that up:

“At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights-long after other gay ads have become commonplace-it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified…Our goal is here is twofold. First, we seek to replace the mainstream’s self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the antigays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types.”

Every day Christians are paraded across the news as being bigots, hateful, and intolerant for adhering to a Biblical view of sexuality and marriage. Why? Because the campaign waged nearly 30 years ago to normalize homosexuality that has worked so well calls for just that.

Why haven’t you heard of this campaign? Because in a war you don’t broadcast your strategy to your enemy. Now with a president that has “evolved” on the issue of LGBT rights and same-sex “marriage” the campaign is seeing maximum effectiveness and wins. The losers are those that thought they were supporting “equality” and “love” only to find that every citizen will now be required to celebrate homosexuality or face public vilification; i.e. Brendan Eich.

It’s a master plan put in place nearly 30 years ago that you’ve never heard of. But it’s working. And unless the silent majority of Americans that support traditional marriage begin standing up and speaking out we can expect it only to get worse.

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