Marriage Redefinition Seeks to Remove God from Our Understanding of Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage.

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female maleIs it possible that there is a deliberate anti-Bible element to the effort to redefine marriage and sexuality? More than just some cultural shift or some desire for equality, what if this effort is really about destroying a vital aspect of biblical doctrine.

Central to the biblical teaching on sexuality and gender is the belief that men and women are “equal but different.” Within this teaching is the very simple concept that men and women are inherently different in their physical, emotional, and sexual construct, but are equal in their worth and value. That’s not a hard concept to understand when looking at a man and a woman.

Liberal ideology however is rapidly opposed to this concept and is seeking to replace it with the belief that there is no difference between men and women. Now, to be fair, the idea that there is no difference between men and women is logically absurd. One look at a man and woman will quickly reveal the obvious physical differences, the emotional differences are well documented, and the sexual differences go hand in hand with the physical differences. But, that doesn’t stop the effort to erase those inherent differences.

What, if any biblical teachings would be harmed in the effort to erase the differences between men and women?

First, the Bible’s clear teaching on sexuality would be harmed. If there is no difference between men and women then certainly there can be no boundaries or parameters placed on sexuality. The idea that men and women are made for sexual union in order to be complete would be severely damaged. The idea that sexuality is a flexible, fluid, mostly social construct capable of being molded to fit any individual person’s ideal would reign.

Another damaged doctrine would be that of male headship in the home. This doctrine makes feminists and other liberals rapidly angry, but that is, I suspect because it is mostly misunderstood. The Bible teaches loving headship of a husband in the home and voluntary, Godly submission for wives. Men are called to love their wives with a sacrificial love while women are called to submit to and respect their husbands. It’s a clearly articulated principle designed to evidence the image of God; as evidence by the relationship between the Father and the Son.

But anytime a woman even hints that she supports this ideal she is immediately and ruthlessly attacked in the media and public sector for somehow being less of a woman. It’s interesting how “feminists” are all about woman and choice, until those women choose biblical values such as being a wife, mother and homemaker, or rejecting abortion. Suddenly those “feminists” become anti-female as they attack other females for choosing values and ideals the feminist culture has rejected.

A third biblical teaching that would be harmed by erasing the differences between men and women is marriage. If men and women are interchangeable and we don’t need one more than another then there is no basis for the Bible’s teaching regarding one man one woman marriage. If laws are man-made, then man can change them. But if God ordains a principle it is eternal. In this we can see the effort to redefine marriage as a type of rebellion against God.

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck, commenting on the story from Massachusetts of the world first “throuple,” had this to say about redefining marriage:

“If you change one variable — man and a woman to man and man, and woman and woman, you cannot then tell me that you cannot logically tell me you can’t change the other variable: one man, three women. One woman, four men.”

Of course there is no logical reason not to legalize polygamy, polyamory, or throuple-ism. If the ordained construct for marriage, one man and one woman, is indeed just a man-made social construct as liberals like to say, then it can certainly be changed. But, if marriage is an ordained institution created by God then any efforts to redefine it or alter it is nothing less than a slap in the face of God.

One author, speaker and news anchor, Teresa Tomeo, is disturbed by the “constant emphasis from the culture that men are not important – ‘what we need them for is our own immediate needs of sexual gratification and help us have a baby.’ I think it’s frightening.”

Tomeo says this emphasis from society is nothing less than an “attack on God.” And that really is the point. The effort to change the created gender roles and purpose for sexuality is an effort to further erase God from our culture. As long as we adhere to these biblical, traditional views there will always be a vestige of our biblical heritage present. For those seeking to impose a new way of thinking the first order of business is to remove all traces of biblical ideals.

Understanding the goal of removing God makes it easy to see why gender roles, sexuality, and marriage are being attacked. They all, in some way or another, picture God, and the relationship of God the Father with His Son Jesus. But in seeking to erase God our society is inviting a war with God, one that we can’t win and will bring defeat rather than success. One wife recently commented on this:

“Wives having to be submissive to their husbands is an absolutely perfect recipe for success…Because when you look at Christ hanging on the cross and you know that your husband is called to be Him for the family, to lay down his life for me and the family, it makes it very easy to want to serve him. So there is this reciprocity going on.”

Her husband shared this thought:

“There is a confusion about what it means to submit and what it means to be a leader. It doesn’t mean to lord over. Leadership is self-sacrifice in putting another first even unto death. That’s what sacrifice is. Christ did endure the ultimate sacrifice and with Him as our role model it is hardly the kind of oppression that the world would teach.”

Those thoughts are biblical, they represent what the majority of Christians believe the Bible teaches about gender roles, sexuality, and marriage. But you won’t hear that in the media as it undermines their efforts to aid the removal of God and the redefinition of what God established in His created order for male and female.

Mollie Hemingway, writing at The Federalist, emphasizes that these efforts are not just about marriage laws but about changing our understanding of sexuality and gender:

“We also have a system that is demanding conformity, uniformity and discipline — it’s not just about marriage law, to be honest. It’s really about something much bigger — crushing the belief that the sexes are distinct in deep and meaningful ways that contribute to human flourishing.”

Ah yes, procreation, another thing that will be fundamentally changed if marriage is redefined. How exactly do two men or two women procreate? They find another willing human to act as a DNA donor for what they are lacking. But why go to such lengths if the formula for sex and procreation have been perfectly created and set in place for us? Because, we want to do it our way. We don’t want anyone, especially God, telling us how to live our lives so we are willing to alter them, making them far more complicated as an act of rebellion.

Only the most ill-informed believes this is just about marriage. This is about something far deeper, something far more critical to our society than just marriage and marriage laws. This is about an effort to remove God from every aspect of biological humanity, from how we are created, to how we are raised and how we come to understand ourselves as male and female. This effort is one aimed at redefining not just marriage, but redefining humanity altogether.

If marriage is redefined so too will gender and sexuality be redefined. The result is groups of people being impregnated by random strangers, giving birth to children that are raised to question their biological sexuality and nature while being encouraged to determine for themselves what they want to be, and growing up to replicate the confused cycle.

But the ultimate result is an attempt to erase the image of God imprinted on gender and sexuality that is further emblazoned on the marriage of a man and woman and glorified in the birth of a child to that family. For those Christians that think this issue doesn’t affect them, you’re wrong. This is about attempting to erase God and remove His fingerprint on His creation. For that reason this is a moral, spiritual problem that demands the attention of every person seeking to live the Gospel.

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