URGENT: West Virginia Legislature Close to Forcing Special Session to Override Veto of Pro Life Bill

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UrgentI am pleased to report that news has been circulating that legislators in West Virginia are close to forcing a special session to seek an override to Gov. Tomblin’s veto of the 20 week abortion ban. Pro-lifers throughout the state and across the country were disappointed when Tomblin vetoed the bill for several reasons; least of all is the fact that he consistently claims to be pro-life. But his reasoning, that the bill is unconstitutional, doesn’t hold up considering that other states have passed similar bills that have withstood judicial challenge.

LifeNews.com is reporting: “In a speech Wednesday, House Minority Leader Tim Armstead (R-Kanawha) urged members to sign the petition. He said of Tomlin’s threat to veto, ‘I’m sure it’s a message to the remaining Democratic members to not sign the petition.’ However, Tomblin would have no choice if three-fifths of the members of both houses request it in writing. That means 22 in the Senate and 60 delegates. As of Thursday night, Armstead said it was his understanding that ’54 delegates and 23 senators had signed the petition,’ the Charleston Gazette reported.”

When Speaker Tim Miley called the bill “legally flawed” he was taken to task by West Virginians for Life Legislative Coordinator John Carey: “It is unfortunate that the Speaker does not think that the passage of legislation to protect the unborn child is important enough to place on the agenda of a special session. The people of West Virginia are overwhelmingly pro-life. It is time that the state legislature took action to ensure that these pro-life values are reflected in the laws of the Mountain State.”

Carey is right. Most West Virginians are shocked to learn that two abortion clinics operate without oversight or regulation in Charleston. They are further angered by the fact that West Virginia is just one of nine states to allow abortion up to the moment of birth for any reason. And the fact that West Virginia forces every citizen to fund abortion through taxes is offensive to most residents.

It is time for West Virginia lawmakers to either stand by their pro-life claims or for us to elect new leaders that will act in accordance with their beliefs.

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