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Victory for Freedom and Life Delivered by The Supreme Court

Posted on June 30, 2014 in Life by

In what will be known as one of the biggest, most influential decisions the Supreme Court has made in the last decade, the court ruled that the government CANNOT force business owners to pay for drugs or devices that can cause an abortion. The HHS mandate, put in place by the Obama administration, demanded that all business owners provide contraception, birth control, and abortion drugs to their employers. Many business owners, seeking to live by their religious convictions against abortion, opposed the mandate. The Obama administration refused to give exemptions to these owners. Many have sued and won in lower courts, all such cases led to the Supreme Court case.

In the high court case both Hobby Lobby, owner by the Green family, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, owned by the Hahn family, argued that the mandate was unconstitutional and violated their first amendment rights to religious freedom. The case was closely watched as the implications would have devastating consequences on religious freedom in America.

But today, as we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July, a day of freedom, the court has ruled that religious freedom is still alive and the government cannot force people to violate their religious convictions.

Truly this is a victory for freedom and the unborn, and yet another crushing defeat for the Obama administration by the Supreme Court.

A press release from Alliance Defending Freedom carries comments by ADF senior counsel David Cortman and Conestoga president and CEO Anthony Hahn regarding the landmark victory:

Did You Know? Senate Bill Seeks to Wipe Out Every Pro Life Law Against Abortion

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Over the past 40 plus years since the passing of Roe V. Wade many pro- life laws have been passed to protect the unborn. From 2011 to 2013 at least 160 laws were passed. More importantly, the pro-life position and message is winning the hearts of people as science helps people see the humanity of the unborn.

Now imagine that all the progress made by the pro-life movement was wiped out with one piece of legislation.

Every law against partial birth abortion – gone.

Every law requiring parental notification before abortion – gone.

Education: A Defense of Reading Fiction

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I couldn’t believe my ears. An educator, a prominent one at that, had announced on a national television program that reading fiction was useless to the education of children. She stated that non-fiction would never get someone a job and was useless in the real world.

This is not only an ignorant statement, it is dangerous. This type of worldview seeks to make humans utilitarian… their worth is only what they can produce in business or to the government entities. They relegate men to just servants of a production workforce, not souls where nourishment is necessary, and beauty is her passion.

However, it is even more problematic than what I just wrote. Fiction has played an instrumental role in the development of our society and culture. Here are just a few reasons I think fiction is essential to a healthy, vibrant, and true education.

Are Christians Abandoning the Biblical Position on Homosexuality?

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A recent Gallup Poll found that 37% of people believe homosexuality is a product of environment, while 42% say people are “born gay.” Despite the absolute lack of evidence for a “gay gene” or any biological marker for homosexuality, the notion still persists that people are somehow born with homosexual tendencies. This also despite the growing mountain of evidence to showing environmental factors contribute to a person’s self-image and identity, which plays a major factor in sexual orientation.

While the number of people believing people are born gay is down from 2013 when it reached an all-time high, the trend of believing there is a genetic marker that forces people to be gay is still hanging around.

Some are citing this as proof that Christians will eventually “come around” and “get with the program” on the issue of homosexuality and accept it. Some are even saying that opposition to homosexuality on the part of Christians is “collapsing” and will eventually crumble.


Why Do Christians Need to Oppose Transgenderism?

Posted on June 25, 2014 in Sexuality, Theology by

Since the SBC annual meeting the issue of transgenderism has been on my mind a lot. Not because I hadn’t thought about it before, but because of the fact that a major denomination needed to adopt a unified statement clarifying biblical teaching on the issue. Something seems terribly wrong with this fact.

Why is it necessary for the SBC to adopt a formal resolution codifying biblical teaching on the issue of transgenderism? Dr. Russell Moore, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission answers the question:

“The cultural mindset is that gender is something that is constructed by the individual. So it’s disconnected from how the person is created. And that’s one of the reasons why I think this resolution … was so wise, because it spoke to what the Bible teaches about what gender means in the first place, about how God’s design is good.”

Dr. Moore is right. The fact that society has turned gender into something that can be bent and altered at will is part of the problem. The established gender binary’s that once created the foundation of our society have been attacked and weakened, prompting a surge of defense for the male-female complimentarian view that was once so…normal.

9 Questions to Ask An Abortionist

Posted on June 24, 2014 in Life by

Josh Brahm, writing at, shared the 9 questions he would like to ask an abortionist over coffee. After reading his thoughts it was easy to agree and recognize that I would like to ask many of these same questions. I think you will find yourself agreeing as well. Take a minute to check out his questions and see if you would like to ask the same questions of an abortionist, or, do you have other questions you would like to ask.

If I could meet with an abortionist, I might ask one or more of these questions:

#1: Are you married?

When I interviewed my friend Abby Johnson for this article, she explained that when she meets an abortionist for the first time, she tries to get to know him and doesn’t ask a ton of questions. “Spend most of your first meeting listening to him,” Abby said. “Get to know him! Is he married? What’s his family like? Does he have kids? What do they love to do? Ask the kinds of questions you would ask someone at your church that you’re getting to know.”

Why I Voted for the SBC Resolution on Transgender Identity

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The Southern Baptist Convention took a much needed stand in the effort to reshape sexuality into a fluid, preferential aspect of one’s life. At the annual meeting this year in Baltimore, MD, the SBC voted on a resolution entitled “On Transgender Identity.” The full text of the resolution can be read here.

Much discussion has already taken place around this resolution. Even before the convention began there was a rumbling as a result of what some knew would be “controversial” resolutions. One friend, when he heard I would be attending the SBC annual meeting, said he would be praying for me as we would be “voting on some resolutions that will be perceived as controversial.”

When day two of the annual meeting arrived and I looked at the list of resolutions I didn’t see anything that could be remotely considered controversial for a Southern Baptist. Then I got to resolution number nine.

Resolution number nine is speaks to the issue of transgenderism. As efforts to redefine marriage in our culture have progressed and been successful, the logical progression that many of us predicted would occur is now taking place. Once homosexuals found support for their alternative lifestyle and sexual orientation it was just a matter of time before others, such as polygamists and transgender persons began seeking rights as well.

Sadly, even some Christians have been deceived into believing there is nothing wrong with being a transgender person. The reality however is that such abuse of one’s biological sex stands in direct opposition to God’s created design. Hence the need for the SBC to codify in a resolution the Southern Baptist position.

Here’s what the resolution says, in part:

Live Action: Undercover Video Shows Planned Parenthood Telling Teens to Have Kinky Sex

Posted on June 23, 2014 in Sexuality by

Warning: The videos posted below contain graphic content not suitable for kids.

We live in a society that is hesitant to call anything evil. After all, we don’t want to offend anyone with our personal opinions and views. But the reality is that Planned Parenthood is an evil organization that is doing incredible harm to women, children, and students. You may not like hearing that, but after reading this article and watching these videos you might change your mind.

Recently Live Action, headed by pro-life champion Lila Rose, released an undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood staffer advising a 15-year-old girl about how to have kinky, BDSM, sex. Not only did the staffer share graphic content too pornographic to actually air, but she advised the 15-year-old girl to go to a porn website for ideas.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe decency laws require persons visiting porn websites to be at least 18 years of age. Why is this staffer telling a 15-year-old to watch porn online? Why is this staffer teaching a minor child about kinky, BDSM sex?

Even more angering is the fact that all this is being done with your tax money as Planned Parenthood is primarily funded by tax dollars from President Obama’s administration.

You mad yet?

PC-USA: Votes to Affirm Homosexuality

Posted on June 21, 2014 in Marriage, Theology by

You do not have to go back very long when there was the theological fight for Princeton Seminary. At issue was the rise of liberalism that was taking away this once great bastion of great theologians. In the wake of this controversy, J. Gresham Machen wrote in his classic book, Christianity and Liberalism,

Sex-Ed Class Asks 14-Year-Old Girls: How Far Will You Go Sexually?

Posted on June 20, 2014 in Sexuality by

Parents that send their kids to school without paying attention to what they are being taught are failing in their duty to protect their kids.

At one time our schools focused on academics, math, reading, and science; or even offered trade classes to prepare students to enter the workplace. Not anymore. The focus of today’s public school is political indoctrination aimed at creating a very specific worldview.

One of the most powerful weapons in the school arsenal is sex education. There’s no doubt we live in a sex-obsessed culture where sex is used to sell everything from tires to office supplies. If you want people to take notice of your advertisement, include a half- naked person. Public schools are now using the “sex sells” method to “educate” students regarding sexuality and abortion.

Parents of students at a California middle school was shocked and outraged when their kids brought home the handout of a presentation that included pictures. A description of these pictures was given by a local news station:


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