Planned Parenthood Sends “Pastoral Letter” Lying About Biblical Position on Abortion

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ShockingPlanned Parenthood must be feeling desperate. So desperate that they have sent a “pastoral letter” to their patients sharing their version of the Bible which includes no mention of abortion and approval for the murderous procedure. The letter is posted below so you can rad it in it’s entirety. But believe me when I tell you that there is nothing “pastoral” or biblical about this letter.

Very quickly let me point out the glaring problems. First it says that abortion is not mentioned in Scripture. That’s true, abortion by name is not mentioned, just like smoking pot, sniffing cocaine, and many other modern terms. However, the Bible is very clear that murder is wrong – you can find it in those 10 commandments. From beginning to end the Bible makes clear that murder in any form is wrong, that is undeniable. Since abortion is clearly the murder of an innocent child, it is very easy to understand that the Bible condemns abortion as murder.

The letter further asserts that no one knows the circumstances of your life or what is in in your heart better than you do. This too is false. God knows far better what is in a persons heart and where they are at in life. God, being sovereign and omniscient knows all things and has control over all things. So while we might like to pretend that no one knows better than we do, the truth is that God knows better.

Last, the letter says that “God loves you and is with you no matter what you decide.” This is only partially true. Yes, God loves us no matter what because His love is eternal and perfect. But God is not “with you” when you choose to sin. The greatest example of this is the fact that God turned His back on His Son, Jesus, when Jesus was on the cross because Jesus had become sin in order to redeem mankind. God cannot stand sin and He will not go with someone in some approving way as a person chooses to sin.

This letter is a sick attempt to persuade impressionable young women that abortion is approved by God and the Bible. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither God nor the scriptures approve of abortion and both call it murder, and sin. Shame on Planned Parenthood for twisting the truth of God’s Word for their evil business of death. God will not be mocked, He will hold them accountable.


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  1. Good article. Ultimately, this is about whether the child in the womb is created in God’s image. It is, therefore, it is a precious life that should be protected.

    Thanks for the article Nathan.

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