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Image source: TheBrainyBunchBook.comWhat if your child was ready to go to college at age 12?

Home schooling is not what it once was. At one time it was considered a fringe form of education that posed serious social integration questions. People often wondered how home school kids would be able to function in society after spending their entire life, at home. Those concerns are largely dead considering the very social nature of our society and the integration of social media into everyday life.

What many people don’t know if that home schooling is the fastest growing form of education in the United States annually; and has been for several years. Families are looking at the options and deciding that between public school, private school, and home school, that home school makes the most sense.

Some are doing this for safety concerns, public schools have been targets of gun violence, gang violence, and drug violence.

Others are choosing home school out of moral, character, values concerns. In recent years the moral climate of public schools has been decidedly negative. Many families find themselves at odds with what passes for morals and values in public schools. From supporting abortion to pushing a radical sexual agenda filled with homosexuality, and sexual experimentation, families are increasingly concerned with the lack of moral training in public schools.

And other families are choosing home school for economic reasons. Public schools are not known for being expensive, though one could argue the extra-curricular activities are an expense. But private schools are indeed expensive and few families have the money needed to send one or multiple children to a private school.

A new book being released by the Harding family of Montgomery, AL details how they were able to send 7 or their 10 kids to college by age 12. An article at The Blaze reports:

“In ‘The Brainy Bunch Book,’ parents Mona Lisa and Kip Harding of Montgomery, Alabama, explain how their seven children were home-schooled and ended up heading to college while most of their peers were still navigating middle school. The parents share their wisdom and experience, while answering the natural question: How did you accomplish such an unbelievable feat?…Just consider their kids’ astounding academic and professional accomplishments. Among the seven who went to college early, there’s a doctor, an architect and an engineer.”

The family recently did an interview where father, Kip, said that one of the reasons they favored home schooling was for the individual attention he and his wife were able to give the kids:

“One teacher has 30 students on average. We can do better than that. Kids get left behind in a classroom. This is where homeschooling really takes off because those kids are getting extra attention. And who’s more loving than a mom and dad teaching them things?”

Indeed, one of the primary concerns many parents have about public schools is the growing lack of control parents have. The lack of parental consent and parental notification on the part of schools worries many, and rightfully it should. No such concerns exist in home schooling.

Home schooling is far more advantageous and affordable than many people realize. As more families consider this option and weigh the advantages they are seeing just how beneficial it is to parents and their kids to choose home schooling. This is a trend I hope continues.

For more perspective on the issue of education you can read my friend Derick Dickens’ article “What Is Education.” In it Derick gives a practical explanation of all the components of education and why the whole is so important. And just for fun, you can read Derick’s satirical, humorous article “Reasons to Home School.” It’s a light-hearted read more reminiscent of ‘The Onion” than “The Washington Post.”

To learn more about the Harding Family, also known as “The Brainy Bunch,” you can visit their website.

Watch the video below to “meet” the family and learn more about how they were able to home school their kids to success as students and professionals.

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