9 Questions to Ask An Abortionist

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Josh Brahm, writing at LifeNews.com, shared the 9 questions he would like to ask an abortionist over coffee. After reading his thoughts it was easy to agree and recognize that I would like to ask many of these same questions. I think you will find yourself agreeing as well. Take a minute to check out his questions and see if you would like to ask the same questions of an abortionist, or, do you have other questions you would like to ask.

If I could meet with an abortionist, I might ask one or more of these questions:

#1: Are you married?

When I interviewed my friend Abby Johnson for this article, she explained that when she meets an abortionist for the first time, she tries to get to know him and doesn’t ask a ton of questions. “Spend most of your first meeting listening to him,” Abby said. “Get to know him! Is he married? What’s his family like? Does he have kids? What do they love to do? Ask the kinds of questions you would ask someone at your church that you’re getting to know.”

#2: Tell me how you got involved in the work that you do.

This is one of the first questions Abby Johnson asks abortionists.

Notice this question is much more conversational than something like, “You didn’t grow up wanting to kill babies, did you?” One question is asked with an open-heart, and the other is accusatory and will probably shut down the conversation before it’s really begun.

#3: Do you find your work meaningful, and if so, what makes it the most meaningful to you?

My friend Jasmin Aprile posted this question on my Facebook page. It’s similar to a very common question that pro-lifers recommended asking, “What drives you to perform abortions?” I like Jasmin’s because I suspect it won’t come across with the judgmental attitude that this abortionist is certainly expecting to come from a pro-life advocate.

Read the rest of the list by clicking here.

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