The Institution of Marriage Should Not Exist! Who Said It?

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no more marriageIn the effort to redefine marriage there is a concerted effort to present homosexual couples as similar, if not exactly like heterosexual couples. They are committed, loving, couples that like to watch movies, golf, and host dinner parties. This is far less reality and far more campaign strategy intended to create an emotional narrative that will lure unsuspecting people into support for marriage redefinition.

A recent article at Slate, of all places, highlights the fact that gay couples are not nearly as monogamous as heterosexual couples.

“A long Gawker story last week explored this problem in greater detail. In the fight for marriage equality, the gay rights movement has put forth couples that look like straight ones, together forever, loyal, sharing assets. But what no one wants to talk about is that they don’t necessarily represent the norm: The Gay Couples Study out of San Francisco State University—which, in following over 500 gay couples over many years is the largest on-going study of its kind—has found that about half of all couples have sex with someone other than their partner, with their partner knowing.”

We knew. We all knew. We’ve been blowing the whistle on this aspect of gay relationships for a long time now. Only the most naïve and uninformed have believed that a majority of homosexual couples have any intention of being monogamous. And only the least informed person believes that monogamy is any inherent trait of the homosexual lifestyle.

But LGBT activists and those seeking to redefine marriage have to present this as part of the homosexual lifestyle because the alternative just simply would not be accepted by most people. Imagine a campaign that went something like this…

“We are loving people that simply want the same rights as anyone else. We want the right to love who we choose, to get married, have threesomes and one night stands as often as possible, and engage in the most risky sexual behavior possible. Just because AIDS is more rampant in the gay community does not mean we don’t love the people we have sex with, we just get bored and want to have sex with multiple partners simultaneously.”

Of course such a campaign would go down in flames, along with the LGBT goal of destroying marriage. So instead they leave out the truth and emphasize the lie.

And it is a lie. For the most part homosexuals have no interest in being married or staying married. They simply want the right to be married so they can erase marriage internally. If marriage does not exist then neither do families as we know them today. If families do not exist then kids become property of the units raising them, along with the government.

But at the heart of this matter is the fact that many people, not just homosexuals, want to elevate sex to some sort of civil right and give people the freedom to have all the sex they want without any consequences. So we have to erase marriage so that “boundary” is no longer in the way.

For anyone that doesn’t believe the LGBT movement wants to eliminate marriage altogether, read what prominent LGBT activist Masha Gessen had to say about their intentions:

“I agree that we should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it is a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. . . . Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there, because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change, and again, I don’t think it should exist.”

It’s hard to make it any plainer than that. The goal is not to be included in the institution of marriage, the goal is to eliminate marriage altogether. It’s foolish to think that expanding marriage to include homosexuals, or polygamists, or anyone other than one man and one woman will not change marriage. That change is only the starting point.

Going back to the Slate article the picture becomes clearer:

“The larger point being that gay couples are very different when it comes to sex, even if this is not the convenient moment to discuss that. And in legalizing gay marriage, we are accepting a form of sanctioned marriage that is not by habit monogamous and that is inventing all kinds of new models of how to accommodate lust and desire in long-term relationships.”

Same-sex “marriage” has nothing to do with commitment, loyalty, monogamy, or anything else needed to make a marriage and a family. It is about “accommodating lust and desire” in any way possible. Even if that means pretending to support monogamy.

We need to stop being duped by the emotional narratives being drive by the LGBT movement. There is more at stake than the feelings of other people. And evidently those feelings are not real anyway.

What is at stake is the fundamental transformation of our culture. An alteration so radical that once it happens we will look back with jaws dropped trying to figure out how we got here. What is needed is people with the ability to articulate the case for traditional marriage with clarity and conviction. Yes, it’s entirely possible to be loving towards homosexuals without supporting their right to marry. Yes we can support respect for people we disagree with without affirming their lifestyle. No, supporting traditional marriage does not make a person a bigot.

If the lust and desires of the LGBT movement are realized it is certain that marriage and family will no longer exist.

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