Sex Education for Parents: Why It Should Matter Who Teaches Your Kids

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I understand awkwardness in talking to your children about sex.  Yet, let’s be honest, parents who do not want to address sex with their children are a part of the problem. 

The liberal solution is public schools.  School is not the solution to the problem. In fact, making education utilitarian, is a part of the problem too. Possible solutions:

1. You talk to your kids about sex.
2. Get someone else you trust and respect  to talk to your kids about sex. 
3. Find a good book on the topic and let your kid read about it.

But here is also where the problem arises. My wife and I talked to our kids about sex from very early in their life. We always answered their questions truthfully, but never more than necessary at every age. When asked how “Mommy got pregnant”, We explained how God designed men and women, and Daddy’s seed fertilized mom’s egg. For a while that satisfied their curiosity. Later they would ask other questions, and the more questions the more detail we gave.

We see sex as a beautiful thing, something wonderfully created, something that is more than a way to orgasm, but full of purpose, meaning, and containing tremendous substance. 

Why would I want someone to teach anything less? 

Making sex education merely a course in school diminishes its purpose, beauty, and substance. First, sex education is not education (is education merely giving information?  Nope!). Being taught in a classroom setting forces this issue upon some kids who are not ready to “know it all” and it will be too late for other kids who are more inquisitive and mature on these issues. Sex education is not a “one size fits all” approach. Making it that way is horrible.

None of our kids went about the same route to get to their knowledge of sex. None of them were predictable in what ages they would inquire for more or less information. Sometimes we had to introduce the conversation. Sometimes we had to slow it down knowing their maturity level. Yet, we were always honest, never hid it, and never made it utilitarian. 

This is true education.

What schools do is to teach a class that is more awkward, less natural, and more single dimensional. 

Why would any parent fight for that type of “education” for their kids?   

The liberal “one size fits all” approach fails to see kids as unique, but sees them as merely empty vessels who “need this information.” My child is not a product to “give information to” but a soul needing nurturing.  Teaching about sex is not about giving “information,” but sex is a beautiful creation from God and our kids deserve to understand this beauty as God designed it.  

Derick DickensDerick Dickens has an MBA in Leadership, MDiv, and MA in Religion.  He speaks regularly on topics ranging from Christian Worldview issues to business leadership, and he is an Adjunct Professor of Business and Human Resources.  Derick is also an award winning public speaker, speech evaluator, and leader.  Married for 16 years to his wife Lacie, they have three children and live in Lynchburg Virginia.  You can follow Derick on Twitter at

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