The Most Pornographic Place Your Kids Will Visit is Their School

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sex educationParents have enough to protect their kids from these days. Not only do they need to monitor what they watch on television – because apparently naked reality shows are all the rage – but the Internet has it all. Then there’s making sure they aren’t receiving naked pictures via text or drinking at parties. Even parents that are fully engaged, teaching their kids solid morals and values will be exhausted at the sheer magnitude of ways kids need protected.

And of course parents must be defended from their local school!

Yep, you read that right. Where once the local school was a place of safety and learning, it seems it is now a place of undermining parental authority and sex.

The newest example of school-overreach into the lives of students comes from California where a book that will be used in a sex-ed class is being called nothing short of pornographic. It seems schools don’t have the ability to teach students without the use of highly graphic images to illustrate their lessons. We all know that younger generations are highly visual, but this an abuse of students and I still can’t figure out why it’s acceptable to show porn in school but a person needs to be 18 years of age to (legally) access it on the Internet. 

In this particular occurrence a large group of parents have signed a petition protesting the use of a book called “Your Health Today” for it’s extremely pornographic images. They are also protesting the content of the book saying, in part, that it’s not age appropriate. Tell me what you think. Do 9th graders, generally around 14 years old, really need to learn about masturbation, bondage, vibrators, and the use of condoms?

If you’re a very liberal person you might say yes. After all, if they don’t learn about these things, complete with explicit images, they might be tempted to avoid sexual activity. And we all know abstinence is for loser and only weirdos stay a virgin until their married. But, if from a young age we can expose kids to sexually graphic material we can get them hooked on sex. Then we can teach them all about “alternative lifestyles” and encourage sexual experimentation. Sure, it’s risky, but if a few more students figure out their actually bi or gay it’s worth it. And when things don’t go as planned, there’s always Planned Parenthood, ready, willing, and able to lend a hand with abortion services.

That scenario might sound far-fetched. And yet it’s the very scenario being played out in our public schools each and every day. Look no further than this latest example in California where even though many parents are opposed to the use of the book the school district doesn’t plan to back down. One parent said:

“It’s a bit much for me, I’m not comfortable with my child – I mean, wow, that’s, the graphics are extreme – oh my gosh…They are very pornographic. The pictures are very explicit.”

The school district responded by saying:

“[o]ur high-school students today need all the tools they can have to arm themselves to make the best-informed decision.”

Do those tools students need include abstinence education? Of course not. Evidently that is not a tool the school believes will help students make “the best-informed decision.” Sadly, far too many politicians and school boards have been duped into believing students don’t have the ability to abstain from sexual activity and thus the “everyone’s doing it” lie is governing their education policies.

A separate article explains why the book is so graphic and detailed:

“The 392-page textbook, which will be in use in the Bay Area school district, is called ‘Your Health Today.’ It is rarely assigned to ninth graders, and it is not used in any other California school districts. Instead, it is most frequently used by professors in college-level health classes, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.”

So what has previously been a college textbook is now being used as a 9th grade sex-ed book in high schools. I can’t figure out why no one believes the content is too mature for 14-year-olds? Would they be as accepting of using college level math books, or science books? What if we just move an entire college level degree course into the 9th grade for these students? Parents would support that, right?

It seems absurd to even make such a suggestion. Of course parents don’t want their 9th grade students being forced to learn college level math, biology, or English literature. Why? Because it isn’t age appropriate. Because students aren’t mature enough to handle it. Yet, somehow this very sane logic is lost when it comes to sex-education. All of a sudden we want to expose our young children to college level material and demand that they handle it maturely.

Not every parent is willing to subject their kids to this kid of academic abuse. More than 1600 parents have signed a petition demanding the book be removed from the curriculum. These parents span ideological lines as one self-described liberal parent is threatening to sue if the school proceeds with using the book.

This shows us once again that parents need to be engaged with what their kids are learning in school. Do you know what kind of sex-education your child is getting in school? Have you asked to talk with their teacher or principal about the textbooks? What groups – such as Planned Parenthood or GLSEN – are being invited to come talk with your kids about sex? If you don’t know the answer to these questions you might be shocked when you find out.

Don’t wait until your child brings something home that shocks and offends you. Be proactive in finding out what your kids are learning and making sure you support it.


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