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Amazing Picture! Baby Born at 24 Weeks Changing the Late-Term Abortion Debate

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Sadly, most people don’t know the abortion laws in their state. Deliberate attempts to keep people in the dark are meant to eemilycaines2ncourage apathy – which in turn continues to allow abortion groups to kill unborn kids.

In my home state of West Virginia I am amazed at the number of people that are unaware of the non-existent abortion laws. In the Mountaineer state a baby can be killed up to the moment of birth, for any reason. There is no law limiting abortion or even regulating the abortion industry. Abortion is a free for all in West Virginia.

Within this ongoing conversation is the aspect of “late-term abortion” and what the legal limit should be; whether 24 weeks (the current standard) or earlier. As science continually shows us the humanity of the unborn at 8 weeks, 16 weeks and 20 weeks; pro-life advocates have begun an aggressive campaign to see the 24 week abortion limit moved to no later than 20 weeks.

New Documentaries Tell Stories of Former Homosexuals and Their Faith

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I’m convinced that those driving the LGBT agenda don’t want to have an honest conversation. This fact is primarily seen in their efforts to silence ex-gay people who have left the homosexual lifestyle. Anytime a story of someone that once lived the homosexual lifestyle but chose to leave surfaces, it is attacked and ridiculed. This shows the intolerance of those asking us all to be tolerant as they vehemently deny that it’s possible to be a “former homosexual.”

I find this interesting. Since science has yet to find any evidence of a “gay gene,” it stands to reason that sexual orientation is a choice. The ideas of nurture and nature, as applied to sexuality, can be brought into the discussion but, ultimately, it’s a choice. This fact makes LGBT activists angry. If sexuality is a choice then creating an entire system of laws based on that choice is dangerous. They realize that even a hint of personal choice in sexuality will sink their cause.

This One Glaring Problem In The Church Is Helping Spread Liberal (Social) Theology

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Let’s just be frank for a minute: biblical illiteracy is one of the most pressing problems in the church today. Far too many Christians don’t know what they believe, cannot begin to defend their beliefs using Scripture, and aren’t even sure where to find support for their beliefs in the Bible.

I can remember arguing with a teacher over the biblically justifiable reasons for divorce. He had one view but I knew it was wrong and pointed it out. He told me to come prepared to defend myself the next day. The next day I went into class prepared with Scripture to show several justifiable reasons for divorce (death, desertion, unfaithfulness) and he admitted he was wrong.

It became clear to me that often we take our views for granted and assume we know they are biblical and that we can defend them. Such an assumption leads not just to embarrassment when we are proven wrong, but to false positions that are in fact unbiblical.

Dr. James Dobson: America Will Not Survive If We Allow the Family to Disintegrate

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Dr. James Dobson is a world-respected psychologist, author, and speaker. For more than 40 years he has spent his life teaching and training parents on how to raise children in the healthiest way possible. As a Christian, Dr. Dobson infuses his biblical beliefs into every aspect of his ministry and helps parents to learn biblical truth regarding child rearing.

After leaving Focus on the Family, the organization he began, Dr. Dobson founded ‘Family Talk,” to continue his efforts in helping parents to leave a legacy of biblical values in their kids. His new book, “Your Legacy” is centered on this idea of leaving a legacy, and the difference between inheritance and legacy.

In the video below Dr. Dobson talks about a variety of issues that he is concerned about in society. One of the first issues is that of the epidemic pornography problem. An oft-overlooked aspect to sexual crimes – whether against adults or children – is the link between the perpetrator and pornography. But Dr. Dobson makes it clear that many, most sexual crimes are at least in part due to the presence of pornography in a person’s life.

Is There Any Good Reasons to Defend Traditional Marriage?

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Though I am a Christian and would eagerly defend traditional marriage on theological grounds, I understand that others would not. I recognize that some would say marriage laws should not be based on religious convictions. Fine, but let me warn that all laws are based on morality. The question then becomes whose morality they are based upon. Is it better to base our laws on the morality of the atheist, the agnostic, the progressive liberal, or the conservative Christian that hold the same views our Founder’s did?

But, putting religion aside there is still plenty of reason to support traditional marriage.

In a very informative article at the Daily Caller several of the arguments in favor of same-sex “marriage” were presented and refuted. Arguments such as procreation and sterile couples, interracial marriage, and adoption were shown to be weak arguments in favor of same-sex “marriage.” Furthermore, those same arguments were shown to support traditional marriage.

New Group Wants to Start a Conversation About Marriage Redefinition With Christians. But…

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There’s a new group seeking to change evangelicals’ minds about the definition of marriage. It’s not a LGBT activist group or even a “liberal” same-sex “marriage” group. It’s a…evangelical group?

The group calling itself “Evangelicals for Marriage Equality” wants to start a “new evangelical conversation about civil marriage equality,” according to a recent ad by the group.

I’m not sure what is wrong with the old conversation, but, based on what I’ve seen so far from the group, the new conversation isn’t worth having.

The group’s spokesman said that the intent of EME is to show that Christians can be faithful to Scripture while supporting civil marriage equality.

Rapper Lecrae Tackles Abortion on New Album

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In recent years it has become normal for celebrities to share their abortion stories. Some share their story out of pride as supporters of abortion. They seek to encourage other women to have an abortion and say they feel no sorrow for their decision. But other celebrities are sharing their story for another reason: to heal.

Christian hip-hop star Lecrae just released his new album “Anomaly.” The CD contains a song called “Good, Bad, Ugly” in which Lecrae talks about his own abortion experience. The chart-topping rapper has been open about his experience in the past, but that doesn’t stop him from making the pain of his decision known once again to his audience.

Lecrae knows all too well that even though our sins are forgiven under the blood of Jesus, the pain of our decisions can stay with us for a long time. So Lecrae is sharing his story in the hopes of helping other young men and women decide against abortion. A recent article about the song gives some of the background to the lyrics: “The verses of the song dealing with abortion details life over a decade ago when he was waged in a war between his new found faith and his sin. You can hear this part on the iTunes preview here:”

Here is some of the lyrics:

The Only Thing Christians Can Do Is Disobey

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Christians have a responsibility to be obedient to civil government. Verses such as Mark 12:17 and Romans chapter 13 make it clear that Christians have a duty to be obedient to civil government because God has ordained government “for your good.”

Knowing that Christians have a responsibility to civil government makes it hard for some to understand why we resist and fight some laws. If, they suppose, Christians are to obey government, why fight the HHS mandate or the redefinition of marriage?

For those leading the charge in these particular areas of culture change it makes no sense for Christians to expend all their energy fighting the government when they should, as the Bible teaches, submit to and obey the government. Rather than risk the loss of livelihood or be fined for resisting and opposing laws mandated by the government, Christians ought to submit and obey.

While that is, technically true, it is not entirely true and stands outside the context of Christian responsibility.

On the Issues of Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage – Christians Cannot Change

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It seems that with each new attack on marriage by those seeking to redefine it Christians resolve all the more to stand for the true, traditional definition and image of marriage that has been foundational throughout civilization for centuries.

This fact draws the ire of activists that can’t understand why Christians are being so stubborn and resistant to change. After all, at times in history Christians have changed their position on issues that were controversial in culture (think slavery). And even issues that are not contentious in society have been debated by Christians (think alcohol). So if Christians have changed their views on various issues at times, why won’t they change their view on marriage?

A recent article ponders this very question:

Pastor Tells Christians to Avoid Lawsuits by Compromising Religious Convictions

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This idea came to Peterson in response to the couple in New York that was sued for not allowing a same-sex wedding at their bed and breakfast farm in order to be true to their religious convictions. Rather than compromise the couple opted to stop allowing weddings altogether and, as a result, lose part of their income.

Peterson says that instead of closing their farm for weddings altogether and losing money, what if the couple allowed the wedding to take place, but with one notable caveat; “told the lesbian couple upfront that they would take their money and donate it to a conservative Christian law firm to fight against same-sex marriage? In other words, what if they took the sinners’ money and used it for good?”


Thankfully I’m not the only Christian with deeply held convictions that finds the suggestion of compromise to be untenable and offensive. Peterson shared the response from his radio audience:


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