Do 10 Year Olds Have a Right to Contraception and Abortion? Researchers Say Yes!

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sex educationA group of four researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University say that very young adolescents (VYA) – kids between the ages of 10 and 14 – have a right to contraception and abortion. But that is the least troubling conclusion of this new report, published in Global Public Health.

Here is a glimpse into the thoughts of people attempting to influence the sexuality, sex-education, and moral training of our children in public schools:

 “Younger adolescents see parents as a primary source of information and support, but most parents are ill-equipped to address issues related to puberty, SRH [sexual and reproductive health], and gender roles, and lack communication skills attuned to the young adolescents in their lives…Parental desire to protect their children is often exercised through behavioral regulation and monitoring.”

These researchers lament the fact that many VYA’s see their parents as the primary influence concerning sexuality. I have no trouble agreeing that many parents are indeed ill-equipped to properly address the topics of sex and sexuality with their kids. But this is not a reason to replace parents as the primary influencer in kids’ lives; this is cause for parental training. The problem with any effort to train parents is that those seeking usurp parental influence don’t actually want parents training their kids. They want to indoctrinate kids with a particular view of sex and gender that most parents oppose, therefore, what they really want is for parents to be completely out of the picture.

The researchers further lament that parent’s desire abstinence for their kids:

“Parents worry that their daughters’ emerging fertility and sexuality could lead to premarital pregnancy and keep their daughters close to home to ensure safety.”

Let’s read this the way it was intended: “Parents sire to teach their daughter’s purity, abstinence, and traditional sexual and gender values, we don’t like this.” That’s really what the researchers are saying. The idea that any parent, such as myself, would dare teach their kids about traditional sexuality, gender roles, and abstinence is infuriating to the sexual anarchists seeking to recreate the sexual landscape of our country.

Further proving this is the expressed concern from the researchers that parents are the primary influencers concerning “gender-related ‘rules’” for their kids. There is great fear when it becomes evident that “parents begin preparing their daughters for roles as future wives and mothers.”

Ugh, we can’t have that. We can’t have a future where daughters are being raised to seek wife-dom and motherhood. Don’t they know women are capable of so much more than that? Women can do anything men can do…and do it better. But noooo…all they want to do is stay home and raise kids and manage the house.

While the researchers would never make such a statement out loud (or maybe they would) they are sending this same message by their politically correct sentiments. Liberal social engineers find traditional gender roles degrading to women. The idea that a woman would want to be a wife and mother is absurd to people that reject the traditional roles that shaped our country; gender roles that, I might add, are derived from the pages of the Bible.

The researchers contend that VYA’s deserve access to contraception and abortion. The problem, they say, is that parents are standing in the way.

“For those older VYAs who become sexually active, access to contraceptives and safe abortion remains largely unavailable due to regulations requiring parental approval or informal health care policies.”

In their research the oldest a VYA could be is 14 years old. So they are advocating an abundant supply of contraception and abortion for these young kids; even if parents don’t agree. It’s no wonder groups like Planned Parenthood that advocate such policies fight parental notification laws. Not surprisingly, in places where parental notification laws exist the rate of abortions among minors is decidedly lower. It’s almost as if parents have a greater influence in their kids’ lives. Imagine that.

For these researchers the answer is simple, indoctrinate kids while they are still young and impressionable:

“If programs…are implemented at a time when adolescents are still malleable and relatively free of sexual and reproductive health problems and gender role biases, very young adolescents can be guided safely through this life stage.”

There you have it. Schools, government officials, and groups like Planned Parenthood can safely guide kids through the troublesome waters of adolescents. Parents? Not so much. All parents will do is try to instill traditional values and morals and gender ideas that will harm kids. Obviously I am a product of such terrible harm. If only I knew how great my life could be by adopting a liberal sexual ethic rather than my old fashioned, traditional sexual ethic.

It is “research” like this gives me adequate reason to continue advocating parental involvement and engagement in their kids’ lives and education. I will likewise continue to advocate home schooling as the best method for instilling solid moral values in children. Oh yeah, home-schoolers get a kick-butt education too.


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