Rapper Lecrae Tackles Abortion on New Album

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LecraeIn recent years it has become normal for celebrities to share their abortion stories. Some share their story out of pride as supporters of abortion. They seek to encourage other women to have an abortion and say they feel no sorrow for their decision. But other celebrities are sharing their story for another reason: to heal.

Christian hip-hop star Lecrae just released his new album “Anomaly.” The CD contains a song called “Good, Bad, Ugly” in which Lecrae talks about his own abortion experience. The chart-topping rapper has been open about his experience in the past, but that doesn’t stop him from making the pain of his decision known once again to his audience.

Lecrae knows all too well that even though our sins are forgiven under the blood of Jesus, the pain of our decisions can stay with us for a long time. So Lecrae is sharing his story in the hopes of helping other young men and women decide against abortion. A recent article about the song gives some of the background to the lyrics: “The verses of the song dealing with abortion details life over a decade ago when he was waged in a war between his new found faith and his sin. You can hear this part on the iTunes preview here:

Here is some of the lyrics:

“Sex on my brain, and death in my veins
Had a main thing, we stayed up ’til 2 (Smoke!)
Waking and thinking we naked, my body was loving it
Soul was hating it, man
Time and time after time, our bodies were close
The girl was so fine
Heard a heartbeat that wasn’t hers or mine
The miracle of life had started inside
Ignored the warning signs
Suppressed that truth I felt inside
I was just having fun with this, I’m too young for this
I’m thinking me, myself, and I
Should I sacrifice this life to keep my vanity and live nice?
And she love and trust me so much that whatever I say, she’d probably oblige
But I was too selfish with my time
Scared my dreams were not gonna survive
So I dropped her off at that clinic
That day, a part of us died”

What groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL don’t want women to know is that abortion has long-term effects on a woman. There is a verifiable connection between abortion and mental health issues in women. Many studies have shown that abortion has been the leading cause of a woman’s depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. But there is also a connection between abortion and health concerns.

Studies have confirmed that the risk of cancer in women who have an abortion rises by an astounding 44%! In particular is the link between abortion and breast cancer. But groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL cover up this link and refuse to tell their patients about it for fear of losing an abortion sale. While claiming pro-lifers are waging a “war on women” and Pregnancy Care Centers are “lying to their patients,” Planned Parenthood and NARAL are endangering women’s lives.

Lecrae recently said in an interview that he shares his real-life stories in his music, including things that are painful:

“There are some stories that I’m telling and there are some stories that haven’t delved into just yet. I think that story is still being written. Being a father is still so new to me. My kids are really young, [and] I’m still getting my footing together. I haven’t seen how my actions have affected them. I haven’t seen how my presence or lack of presence has really had an affect on their lives. But I’m definitely, being really transparent about some other stuff. Me being abused as a kid, abortion, a lot of those issues that have affected me and I can see the effect of it now. I’m touching on that all that stuff now. I think it’s helpful for other people and helpful for me to get it off my chest.”

This combination of vulnerability and truth has made Lecrae a hip-hop superstar. But Lecrae will be the first to tell you that, for him, it’s all about shining the light of Jesus Christ into a dark world. Very few musicians are willing to talk about abortion, much less put it into their music. But Lecrae is known for going where others, especially in the hip-hop world, don’t want to go. For this reason Lecrae stands out and stands tall.

I appreciate Lecrae being willing to tackle a tough subject with the grace and truth. Perhaps he will be able to get this critical message to an audience that otherwise would not be willing to hear it. Planned Parenthood has targeted inner cities and minorities with their abortion sales pitch. There is no doubt that a clear message of life is needed in these areas and Lecrae is sharing that message. He is an anomaly.

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