Amazing Picture! Baby Born at 24 Weeks Changing the Late-Term Abortion Debate

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Sadly, most people don’t know the abortion laws in their state. Deliberate attempts to keep people in the dark are meant to eemilycaines2ncourage apathy – which in turn continues to allow abortion groups to kill unborn kids.

In my home state of West Virginia I am amazed at the number of people that are unaware of the non-existent abortion laws. In the Mountaineer state a baby can be killed up to the moment of birth, for any reason. There is no law limiting abortion or even regulating the abortion industry. Abortion is a free for all in West Virginia.

Within this ongoing conversation is the aspect of “late-term abortion” and what the legal limit should be; whether 24 weeks (the current standard) or earlier. As science continually shows us the humanity of the unborn at 8 weeks, 16 weeks and 20 weeks; pro-life advocates have begun an aggressive campaign to see the 24 week abortion limit moved to no later than 20 weeks.

At 20 weeks it has been shown time and again that the unborn can feel pain. This means that y 20 weeks an abortion is nothing less than torture before murder. Legalized torture has no place in any society, much less one built on principles of personhood, freedom, and liberty.

Abortion advocates hate the idea of moving the late-term limit from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. It’s not surprising. Groups like Planned Parenthood also oppose informed consent laws, parental notice laws, clinic health and cleanliness regulations, and other very pro-woman, pro-healthcare, pro-common sense laws. Planned Parenthood and NARAL have built their business and reputation on deceit, misinformation, and outright lies. They will ruthlessly attack anyone, even women, for opposing their efforts while simultaneously claiming to be “pro-woman.”

Though these groups and other abortion advocates cannot stomach the thought of reducing access to abortion in any way, I can’t stomach the thought of fully pain capable unborn children being tortured before they are killed.

One very recent example of the need for “abortion reform” comes from the UK where tiny Adelaide was born prematurely at 24 weeks. A recent article at explains:

“At Southmead Hospital, attempts to halt Emily’s labor failed, so doctors opted to deliver their little girl via c-section, hoping that sparing the baby the trauma of birth would increase her chances of survival. When Adelaide emerged, a tiny infant cry came with her, and over the hospital drapes, Emily could see her daughter’s hand waving above her head. One of the attending physicians quickly snapped a photo of the birth – a picture that would change everything for the couple, and become a priceless treasure when, one hour later, doctors informed the parents that all efforts at inserting breathing tubes into Adelaide had failed. She was too tiny for even their smallest equipment. Adelaide died a short time later, but her life left an indelible mark on her parents.”

Little Adelaide is the face of a 24 week abortion. Planned Parenthood says it’s no big deal, just a bunch of cells. But as anyone can clearly see from the picture above, little Adelaide is a fully developed baby that deserves the right to live just as anyone else.

I believe abortion is wrong. I don’t want any mother to experience this awful event that will follow her for the rest of her life. I don’t want any woman to have to deal with the guilt, pain, stress, and trauma of killing her child. I don’t want yet another woman to become a statistic of breast cancer because she had an abortion. But most of all I don’t want to see a woman choose abortion because she thinks her 24 week old child is not developed and not human.

Look closely at the picture and see what 24 weeks looks like. Stare for a while and understand that 24 weeks means killing a fully formed human capable of life outside the womb. Understand that 24 weeks means torturing an unborn child before killing him or her. If ever there was a reason to seek “abortion reform” a picture such as this is certainly tops the list.

How many more 24 week pictures are out there? How many more 24 week pictures were never taken because of abortion?


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