Former Homosexual Warns America of “Unmitigated Disaster” of Marriage Redefinition

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David Kyle FosterActivists pushing for the legalization of same-sex “marriage” don’t want you to hear from former homosexuals. In their world there is no such thing. Anyone claiming to be a “former homosexual” is, in their opinion, either a liar suppressing their true identity, or they never were really a homosexual. I’m not sure how someone can claim to be a homosexual without ever really being one – it doesn’t seem like something you do as a recreational past time.

What they think of this rapidly growing class of people, they are afraid of them. No group has more power and ability to stop the homosexual agenda in its tracks than former homosexuals. So when someone like David Kyle Foster, himself a former homosexual, writes about the “unmitigated disaster for gay marriage,” it might be a good idea to listen.

For anyone not sure if Foster really was a homosexual his answer is succinct: “Does sleeping with over 1,000 men count?” His time as a homosexual spanned 10 years and he has now been a “former homosexual” for the past 34 years. Because of his experience living the homosexual lifestyle, Foster is uniquely qualified to discuss the dangers and disasters awaiting the society that chooses to life homosexuality atop a pedestal.

I’ve often tried to use the simple logic that the “plumbing issue” betrays any attempt to legitimize homosexuality. But of course, I’m a straight white guy, so no one really wants to listen. Not too surprisingly, Foster says the same thing:

“Such behaviors were so obviously perverse. Simple anatomical design declared it. A man was designed to interact sexually with a woman. That’s the design. And when sex is practiced outside of that design, physical damage and a legion of diseases are unleashed…”

Foster says what activists want to deny and willingly ignore, that homosexuality is dangerous physically, emotionally, and mentally. The rush by LGBT activists and others to topple marriage and family by declaring homosexuality as just as valid and good as man-woman marriage has caused a blinding to the obviously and well documented harms. But Foster, himself very familiar with how homosexuality harms the body, soul, and mind of an individual isn’t willing to ignore those harms. He writes:

“The idea floated by so-called ‘gay theology’ that God created people to be homosexual (i.e., that He is the cause for such desires) is as ridiculous for the homosexual as it is for the drug addict…It does no good to pretend that it is good and natural and holy. That’s called denial. Statistics overflow with evidence that homosexual sex causes damage to body, soul and spirit. It actually damages the body of the partner. It tears at the body in ways that result in homosexual sex being the number one risk factor for contracting AIDS in this country…Homosexual behavior also tears at the soul, causing much higher rates for substance abuse, suicide, depression, domestic violence, early death—even in the most gay-friendly regions of the globe. Why? Because active homosexuals are trying to find something through gay relationships that can never be found there.”

Of course I could say the same thing all day and I will be labeled a bigot, hater, discriminatory, and all sorts of other unfair, false labels. But when someone like Foster comes along and says the same things it seems not just wise to pay attention, but prudent to reconsider the road our society is taking. Do we really want to encourage a behavior that perpetuates AIDS? Do we want to encourage a lifestyle that deprives children of either a mother or father? We talk about how devastating it is for kids to be without a mother or father and then turn around and praise a lifestyle that does just that. Umm…can anyone say inconsistent?

Foster points to the absurdity o same-sex “marriage” as comparative to heterosexual marriage for the fact that it inherently denies children the joy of being raised by both a mother and father:

“In a high percentage of marriages these days, the children will spend a part of their childhood without their original mother or father, and that is very sad and can be very harmful for them. But in so-called “gay marriages” you are guaranteeing that the children will grow up without a mother or father in the home. You are guaranteeing it! You are state-sanctioning that deprivation and becoming a co-conspirator in the consequent damage to their well-being.”

While my libertarian friends find cause to support marriage redefinition in order to “get the state out of the marriage business,” the effect it will have on a generation of kids should be reason enough for them to reconsider their position. Fine, they don’t want laws based on religion and don’t believe that marriage redefinition is really marriage. I get it. But the very real kids that will be raised in households without a mother or a father will have very real negative side-effects of this arrangement.

Obviously the arguments against marriage redefinition are winning the day as support has begun to stagnate and decline. People are seeing the chilling effects to freedom and personal liberty that comes with elevating an entire (very small) class of people above the majority. Threats to religious freedom are just the tip of the iceberg if we continue down this road as a society.

Maybe it’s easy to ignore me since I’m just one of those dumb straight guys. If that’s the case I urge you to consider the words of David Kyle Foster, a man that lived the homosexual lifestyle for a decade and now says it’s an “unmitigated disaster” that will harm everyone around it.

Foster has produced a new documentary called  Such Were Some of You. The movie seeks to tell the truth regarding homosexuality with the help of 29 former homosexuals. In it, each of these former homosexuals tells their story of deliverance from that lifestyle and how faith in Jesus Christ has set them free. Click here to see the trailer of Such Were Some of You.

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