What Two “Pastors” Said About Abortion is Appalling

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pastors abortionI’ve heard a lot of arguments for abortion that have bothered me. Many of them are selfish and take no account for the human life being destroyed. And some of those arguments have come from Christians or others seeking to gain the support of the religious community. When I hear attempts to justify abortion by distorting Scripture I cringe.

But what two “pastors” said in an attempt to justify abortion, encourage religious people to support it, and demand Christians pay for it is simply beyond the pale.

An article at LifeNews carries the comments from the Washington Post by pro-abortion Reverends, Dr. Alethea Smith-Withers and Harry Knox in their attempt to encourage Christians to support and subsidize abortion. They write:

“People cannot truly make the best decision for their lives and families if they are denied access to the health care that they need. That is why people of faith should speak out about discriminatory and harmful policies like the Hyde Amendment, which targets low-income people who utilize federal health programs for health coverage by withholding coverage for abortion care.

“People of faith, as well as those with no religious affiliation, have widely varying opinions about moral questions. That’s okay. Freedom for differing views and beliefs is a core American value. The problem is when one particular religious viewpoint gets written into law, in direct violation of our national commitment to religious liberty. Every person in the United States should be able to make decisions according to their own conscience and faith tradition, especially in deeply private matters, such as accessing health care.”

First notice that these “pastors” all life-affirming measures like the Hyde Amendment “discriminatory.” Apparently it is now discriminatory to defend life and seek national protections for the unborn. I wonder if these “pastors” also believe the practices of Planned Parenthood of putting their abortion clinics in low-income, minority communities is also discriminatory. Or, is that somehow acceptable because it gives people free access to abortion?

Maybe the fact that Planned Parenthood is responsible for killing more African-America children than any other form of violence also doesn’t bother the “pastors” because at least women have access to abortion. And I’m assuming the fact that Planned Parenthood supports sex-selective abortion doesn’t bother the “pastors” because at least families can “make the best decision for their lives” if they don’t want to have a girl.

Click here to see statistics regarding abortion and the fact that African American women are far more likely to have an abortion than others.

To say in on breath that the Hyde Amendment is discriminatory w2hile ignoring the blatant discriminatory practices of Planned Parenthood is ignorance at its finest. This is what we’ve come to expect from abortion advocates that are so blinded by their love for killing children that reason is left behind.

On the heels of that absurd statement the “pastors” declare that “people of faith…have widely varying opinions about moral questions,” implying that there is no consensus among Christians regarding abortion. That simply is not true. It would take an incredible act of willful ignorance to utter such nonsense. For centuries the predominant opinion among Christians regarding abortion is that it is wrong.

A Rasmussen Reports poll from earlier this year makes it clear that a solid majority of Christian are pro-life:

“Seventy-one percent (71%) of Evangelical Christians and 56% of Catholics are pro-life…”

Even though not every Christian is pro-life, there can be no doubt that church doctrine on the issue has remained the same for centuries. One would be hard-pressed to find a time in history when official church doctrine taught abortion was acceptable. For the “pastors” to insinuate that there is any wiggle room for belief on this issue among church doctrine or Christians is misleading.

Perhaps the statement that is most troublesome is when the “pastors” said “The problem is when one particular religious viewpoint gets written into law…”

The implication here is that any legal measure – federal or state – that limits access to abortion is somehow inherently religious and therefore wrong. The “pastors” seem to believe that the abortion discussion should be free of any religious ideology in order to respect some fictional “separation of church and state.” The absurdity of this statement is hard to overlook. Whether I am pro-life because I believe God when He said “thou shalt not kill,” or because I believe an unborn child is a human worth defending isn’t the main point. Implying that if I had no religious belief that I could support abortion is insulting. In one breathe these “pastors” have tried to gain support of religious people while insulting them.

For me, yes, my pro-life convictions come from my religious convictions. I believe that God creates every life and only He has the right to take life. But putting those religious convictions aside I would still be pro-life because I believe the science which has undoubtedly shown the humanity of the unborn. And because it’s a human living inside the womb that child deserves every protection possible.

For any “pastor” to insult the religious convictions of Christians while asking for support for abortion and funding, is egregious. There is not a shred of biblical support for this position and only by twisting Scripture could any person hope to create a biblical case for abortion support. That any “pastor” would advocate for abortion on demand paid for by tax dollar from Christians is stunningly pathetic.

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