Government Demands Christian Support and Promote Gay Pride Parade (Video)

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Hands On OriginalsWhat if you were asked to produce a message supporting something that violated your conscience, or religious convictions? Would you do it?

That is exactly the position the owner of a Christian t-shirt printing business found himself in when he was asked to print a t-shirt promoting the local gay-pride festival. When the Lexington, KY based Gay and Lesbian Services Organization asked Hands On Originals, a Christian-owned printing company, to print their gay-pride parade shirts, owner Blaine Adamson declined.

But, lest anyone believe this is a case of hate, bigotry, or discrimination, a few details need to be known. First, Hands On Originals has worked with gays in the past, even employing gay people at one time. A recent article at The Blaze notes:

“…Hands on Originals has both employed and served gays and lesbians, but that when it comes to the messages present on products, Adamson draws a line.”

So before anyone gets their shorts in a bunch over this let’s consider that Hands On Originals has a history of working with and employing gay people. It would be a stretch of the imagination at best to say that this is discrimination. Instead, as Adamson’s attorney ADF counsel Jim Campbell says, this is about free speech and religious convictions:

“Blaine’s position is that he can’t print something if it conflicts with religious convictions. Over the two years leading up to this case, Hands on Originals had denied at least 13 orders all for the reason [that] they didn’t want to print and convey the message they were being asked to convey.”

This is clearly about the freedom, as guaranteed in the Constitution, to exercise one’s faith in every aspect of life while not being forced or compelled to say something that violates that faith. But, and this is second, refusal to print messages is not limited to gay pride parade’s. Adamson and Hands On Originals has rejected Christian groups because of the message they’ve wanted printed as well.

Campbell shared after the lawsuit was filed against Hands On Originals it has had to decline several other projects because Adamson felt the message conflicted with his religious convictions. “He said that one of these orders was actually from a Christian organization — a T-shirt that had a blood design on it; Adamson felt that it was too racy, so he declined it.”

Isn’t it interesting that the Christian group that was rejected didn’t file a lawsuit and demand Hands On Originals print their t-shirt. It seems as if they are better at extending tolerance to those who disagree with them than the ones claiming they are all about tolerance.

But if LGBT activists insist on demanding their definition of tolerance be accepted, I wonder how far they will take it. Will they demand a black printer print shirts for the KKK? Will they demand a gay printer print shirt for the National Organization for Marriage? Will they demand a Muslim printer print shirts for the International Pork Festival? (There may not be such a thing…but we all hope there is.)

Campbell’s Co-counsel in this case, Bryan Beauman reiterated this truth:

“No one wants to live in that kind of America – a place where people who identify as homosexual are forced to promote the Westboro Baptists and where printers with sincere religious convictions are forced to promote the message of the GLSO. In America, we don’t force people to express messages that are contrary to their convictions.”

It’s interesting to realize that black printers, gay florists, and Muslim bakers have never been sued for refusing service based on their beliefs. Each and every day service is refused for various reasons but it seems the only people getting sued are Christians. WE talk about “free speech” and “religious freedom” but it seems as though such ideas apply to everyone but Christians.

In the video below Hands On Originals owner Blaine Adamson says “this is a wake-up call.” He says it’s a wake-up call for Christians, but also for business owners. He’s right. If one business owner can be forced to violate his convictions and promote speech and a message that he opposes, all can. What is at stake, whether anyone – especially LGBT persons – knows it or not, is true freedom.

It’s not freedom when you are forced, compelled, to violate your conscience. And, if the government can force one person to do it, you can be sure they will force all to do it. Sadly, LGBT activists have become an unwitting accomplice in the loss of freedoms. While they celebrate their “victories” in demanding Christians to support their message they are ignorant to the fact that the government will one day use the same tactics to force them to promote a message they oppose. That’s not freedom.

Blaine Adamson and Hands On Originals have a history of serving all people with respect and dignity. And they refuse service equally when the message violates Adamson’s religious convictions. That is the very definition of tolerance, respect, and freedom. Adamson is setting a remarkable example for what living and doing business according to one’s faith and conscience – and the Constitution – is supposed to look like.

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