Education in Chicago: 5th Graders Learn About Female Condoms and See Pictures!

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sex educationI don’t care if people call this a “pet peeve” of mine. I will continue to be alarmed (and seek to alarm others) of the graphic nature of public school sex-education programs.

A recent report coming out of Chicago once again underscores the absolutely inappropriateness of the material being taught to 5th graders! Yes, 5th graders. Here’s some of the lessons being taught:

How to put on male and female condoms. (They are also being shown graphic illustrations of this procedure.)
How to use condoms for anal sex and encouraged in this practice.
They are being told the “Plan B morning after pill” is not an abortion pill.
They can get sexual and reproductive services without parental consent.

If you read through that paragraph without being shocked and angered that 10-year-olds are being taught such material, it’s time to reconsider your values.

The article reports:

The presentation included slides that are clearly not age appropriate, and include “demonstrations” of applying male and female condoms…The female condom seems to be particularly relevant to the presentation, as there are a considerable number of slides dedicated to this particular form of birth control. Some of the praise lavished on the FC is that it can be inserted ‘hours before vaginal sex, so you don’t have to interrupt foreplay to be safe!’ The FC, according to the presentation, is great for ‘Women, men, transgender folk,’ and you can use if you are ‘gay’ or ‘straight.’”

Let’s forget that public schools, particularly in Chicago, are failing in world rankings in math and science. Let’s forget that drop-out rates and failure rates are higher than in previous decades. Let’s forget that violence is rampant. Let’s just focus on making sure our 10-year-olds know precisely how to put on condoms and use them for anal sex.

As a parent this is infuriating. There is no legitimate, justifiable reason for any 10-year-old to have this information. The only outcome that can be expected from such teaching is kids that become sexually active. It’s no wonder porn use among kids and adolescents is at epidemic proportions.

I reiterate my firm belief that it is not the job of public schools to teach sex education. It is the parent’s job. Because sex is an integral part of a person’s worldview, such lessons should be done by parents at the time, and in the way parents feel is best for their child. To abdicate this role to a teacher is a failure of parenting. Some might argue that parents are uncomfortable sharing such information with their kids, to which I say – get over it! These are your kids and you have an obligation to them. Shirking that responsibility because it makes you uncomfortable is not justifiable.

It’s my hope that parents will be active and engaged in their child’s education. By being an active part in their education parents will be an active voice in what is taught and how it is taught. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

If you are still unconvinced that there is anything wrong with this “curriculum,” take a look at the following links.

This link has PDF files of all material for grades K-8.

This link shows the very graphic slides used in lesson presentations.

Below you will find a screenshot of a slide showing how to insert a female condom. (Warning: slide is very graphic.)



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