Jackie Hill-Perry: A Former Lesbian Now Sharing Christ with Spoken Word Poetry

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Hill-PerryDo you believe that sexuality is an inherent quality a person has no ability to control? Is human sexuality little more than a biological function of our human nature that we are hopeless to change, even if we wanted to?

Those are the sentiments our society wants us to believe.

At least one outspoken former homosexual is disagreeing.

Jackie Hill-Perry is a Christian spoken-word poet that rhymes about theology and the grace of Christ. What makes her a little different in this discussion is that she is a former lesbian. Hill-Perry’s journey from homosexuality to the light of the Gospel is not too unfamiliar to many.

Hill-Perry recently said that she was sexually abused by a family friend when she was just 5 years old. This triggered gender confusion in her that carried her into her adolescent years. By 17 years old Hill-Perry was sexually active with women and a regular at gay clubs and pride events in St. Louis.

Hill-Perry’s story sounds like many former and current homosexuals. If asked to trace their life back they end up talking about abuse at a young age. It’s sad that such details are ignored or even covered up in the media but they are nonetheless true. Much more than that, they are relevant to the discussion.

Whether it’s convenient or not, the fact is, many people that find themselves diving into the homosexual lifestyle do so as a result of sexual abuse that began when they were very young. This connection is more than established, it is undeniable. I’m not saying that every homosexual person was sexually abused, nor am I saying every sexually abused person becomes homosexual. What I am saying is that the link between early childhood sexual abuse and homosexuality cannot be ignored, covered up, or denied.

For anyone unsure about this connection be sure to check out the NARTH website. You can also read a paper written by The Family Research Council and an article by Life Site New.

For her part, Hill-Perry is focused on the fact that homosexuals can indeed change. That is enough to garner the ire of many social liberals that believe sexuality is an inherent part of a person’s nature. For such people, Hill-Perry is a firebrand that stands a living testimony against all they believe.

Hill-Perry recently said:

“I think we’ve made God very little if we believe that He cannot change people. If He can make a moon, stars and a galaxy that we have yet to fully comprehend, how can He not simply change my desires?…The word of God itself, apart from Jackie Hill, testifies that people can change.”

I couldn’t agree more. I recognize that it’s not popular to say that it’s possible for homosexuals to change. I also recognize that not every homosexual will be free of their desires. But to deny that many homosexuals are indeed free of their desires is intellectually dishonest. Its signals an unflinching devotion to a particular worldview that does have room for possibility. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, an entire group of people that identify as “former homosexuals” exists. Not only do they exist, many of them are free from their previous desires.

At a time when reparative therapy is under attack, it is important to note the results of such therapy. Of course it doesn’t work for everyone, just as any therapy there are those that need other forms of help. But to deny the fact that reparative therapy has helped people is unfair, and an insult to the people it has helped.

But Hill-Perry also recognizes the harm being inflicted to people by churches willing to compromise the truth of God’s Word in order to be popular in society. She says:

“The true church of Jesus Christ will still stick to the Scriptures. Now, those buildings that have people in them where the authority of God doesn’t trump their own feelings and emotions, I see a whole bunch of turning away from the faith — turning away from truth.”

She makes an excellent point. Many are allowing their feelings for family and friends to influence their theology. They are performing theological circus tricks to get the Bible to mean what it does not say or intend on the issue of sexuality. They are, like Matthew Vines, finding new ways to affirm homosexuality in order to be “compassionate” and “loving” toward others. The problems with this are obvious. Jesus never loved people by condoning sin. Neither should we.

It’s always encouraging to me to hear the story of people like Jackie Hill-Perry. She is a bold trumpet for the truth in an area of society where truth is not tolerated. I hope she continues her bold message.

Watch Jackie Hill-Perry perform her spoken word poetry in the video below. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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