This Video Was Produced by an 18-Year-Old And It’s Amazing!

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Hannah Victoria, 18, is the producer of "Mitosis."

Hannah Victoria, 18, is the producer of “Mitosis.”

The video below has an incredible message of just how important every life is. The fact that the video was produced by an 18-year-old makes it all the more remarkable. Hannah Victoria’s newest film, Mitosis, shares the story of the impact that abortion has on everyone, not just a pregnant woman.

Working from the end backwards, Victoria tells the story of a young boy that made a promise to his friend to find a cure for cancer. The boy grows up and finds that cure, and even opens a research facility to continue his work. But, the problem is that the doctor never lived, and never found the cure for cancer. All because his mother aborted him.

Take a few moments to watch this powerful story defending the sanctity of human life and be reminded that every life counts, every life is important, every life matters.

If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser. (h/t to LifeNews for posting this story)

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