Gay Bakeries Refuse to Bake Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake? Isn’t That Discrimination?

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gay cakeGay people want Christians to bake cakes celebrating their same-sex weddings. Christians want the right to respectfully decline in order to adhere to their religious convictions. Gay people want to sue Christians for refusing saying that it is “discriminatory,” and that business owners should not be allowed to refuse any customers.

Now, what happens when a gay bakery is asked to bake a cake celebrating traditional marriage?

Such a scenario, until now, has been nothing but speculation. Many of us have wondered out loud about this scenario saying that we suspect a gay baker would refuse and the story would be ignored. To this point the tolerance often demanded by many homosexuals is rarely extended to others. The double standards many activists employ is hard to fathom.

Theodore Shoebat decided to turn the tables and see what would happen if he asked gay bakers to bake him a cake with the message “Gay Marriage is Wrong” on it. The videos that follow chronicle his encounters with 13 gay bakers. To say the least, the tolerance many homosexuals demand is not afforded to Shoebat in his request. He writes of his experience:

“Each one denied us service, and even used deviant insults and obscenities against us. One baker even said that she would make me a cookie with a large phallus on it just to insult us because we are Christian. We recorded all of this in a video that will stun the American people as to how militant and intolerant the homosexual bakers were.” (See video below)

Maybe you find it shocking that people claiming they are all about tolerance and respect would behave in such a way. But only an oblivious person would believe that homosexual efforts to redefine marriage have anything to do with tolerance and equality. Shoebat puts the issue in perspective while calling the bluff of activists that claim to be fighting for equality and tolerance:

“Christian bakeries that refuse to make pro-homosexual marriage cakes are getting sued left, right, and center. They get fined, they get death threats, and they lose their businesses…Here is our point. A Christian making a homosexual cake with ‘Support Gay Marriage’ goes against his faith and a homosexual putting ‘Gay Marriage Is Wrong’ goes against his faith as well. Now of course we honor their right to say no, this is not the issue, but what about honoring the Christian right to also say no? The big lie of the homosexual agenda is this: They claim that they are only fighting for equality and tolerance. This is false.”

Why is it acceptable for gay bakeries to adhere to their conscience and views in refusing to bake a cake but not for Christians to do the same thing? Why does the government and media jump all over a story of a Christian baker refusing to bake a cake but barely musters a yawn when gay bakers do the same? Simply because this is not about equality or tolerance or rights; this is about removing the inherent religious meaning behind marriage and forcing people of faith to support and celebrate what we believe God calls sin.

As more Christians are sued, fired, and persecuted for their belief that marriage was created and instituted by God to be the union of one man and one woman, the smoke and mirrors of equality and tolerance are fading. What once was a crusade to achieve tolerance and equality has now become a campaign to demand (and force) support and celebration.

Watch the videos below to hear the phone calls Shoebat had with the gay bakeries. Let these videos serve as a wakeup call that apathy and ignorance have their implications and outcomes. No one will be untouched by this issue, and the option of remaining neutral does not exist.

See the video reports (Be forewarned about profane, objectionable speech). If the videos do not appear automatically, please refresh your browser. 

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