Are the Unborn Really Human? These Images Answer the Question

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Somehow, with all the scientific advancements available to our society, there is still a debate surrounding the humanity of the unborn. Planned Parenthood and NARAL continue to lie – saying that the unborn are not truly human. And yet they, along with many other abortion advocates would cheer the discovery of “life” should a single-celled organism be found on Mars.

The following images tell a very different story, a trust story of just how human the unborn really are. Be warned, some of these images are graphic. Critics often decry the graphic nature of these images as “inappropriate” for civil society. Hmm…in a world where graphic violence can be found in movies, television shows, video games, and all over the Internet, their criticisms sound more like ideological objections than legitimate concerns. The reason for sharing these images is articulated well by when they first posted the images:

“Images shape dialogue, and dialogue births change. Photographs that capture the Great Depression, the Holocaust, and the Civil Rights Movement are not only a testament of an era, but also examples of how photos are an effective tool for social change. The powerful images that fill the pages of history have initiated the struggle for justice and propelled the human spirit.”

The images are posted below as a witness to both the humanity of the unborn and the brutality of abortion. Perhaps if more people see abortion, they will, like most, be convinced of its immoral, brutal violence against the unborn.

Warning: contains some graphic images.

1) Baby Adelaide Caines


In September, 2014, U.K. mother Emily Caines released this gripping image of her premature daughter, Adelaide, who was delivered at 24 weeks. In an interview with The Mirror, Caines said she shared the photo of her daughter with the public as a testament to the humanity of the preborn child, and to show the hypocrisy of an abortion law in the United Kingdom that allows babies to be slaughtered at up to 24 weeks’ gestation. The U.K. Mirror reported that this powerful image of little Adelaide is the only photo her parents have of her living outside of the womb, since Adelaide passed away shortly after birth due to complications.

2) Baby Nathan Isaiah


Miscarried at 13 weeks and 4 days, baby Nathan Isaiah’s short life inside the womb affirms the humanity of the preborn at the earliest stages of life. Nathan’s parents, Allison and Daniel, learned they lost their son after they requested to hear Nathan’s heartbeat on the Doppler during the 15thweek of pregnancy. When no heartbeat registered, the family visited the emergency room to obtain an ultrasound and learned that Nathan had passed away a few weeks prior.

3) Gosnell’s “House of Horrors”


Gruesome details from Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” revealed that the abortionist killed children born alive as a result of failed abortions, and brutally stabbed the necks of some with scissors. As images and testimony emerged, the world learned in shock.

4) Hands and feet of a 9-week-old child

Images of aborted babies are historically powerful tools in affirming the humanity of pre-born children and the atrocity of abortion. This image of the arms and feet of a nine-week-old baby placed on a quarter displays perfectly formed fingers and toes. Since most abortions occur during the first trimester, these images make it impossible to ignore the humanity of a child, even in the earliest stages of life. Fetal imagery exposes the graphic nature of abortion and the violence it inflicts on a pre-born child.

4) “Hand of Hope”


Dubbed the “Hand of Hope,” this incredible image of baby Samuel Armas grasping a surgeon’s finger was captured by photographer Michael Clancy. Doctors operated on baby Samuel in utero after he was diagnosed with spina bifida. Clancy noted that before he captured the iconic image, he was “indifferent” to the issue of abortion. “It’s just a miracle picture, a miracle moment,” Clancy told Fox News in an interview years later. “It shows the earliest human interaction ever recorded.”

5) Forced abortions in China


In 2012, a heartbreaking image of a baby killed in China shed light on China’s grievous one-child policy. The image of a baby at nine months’ gestation shows the dead child submerged in a bucket of water. The photograph was reportedly posted to the Chinese web services company Baidu before it sparked outrage across Chinese social media sites. English reports note that the pregnant mother was forced into labor and the child was left in the bucket of water to drown after birth.

6) Baby Walter Joshua Fretz


In summer of 2013, Lexi Fretz was 19 weeks pregnant with her son. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until Fretz saw that the mild spotting she noticed a few days prior had turned unusually pink. Concerned, Fretz checked herself into an emergency room, and later that evening, she unexpectedly went into labor. Her 19-week-old son, Walter, did not live long outside of the womb, and died just minutes after birth.

“I held him, cuddled him, while his heart was beating I held him to my heart,” Fretz recalled. “I counted his toes and kissed his tiny head. I will always cherish those memories that I have of him. He was fully formed and everything was there, I could see his heart beating in his tiny chest.”

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