Kelly Clarkson’s New Song Shares Her Unborn Daughter’s Heartbeat (Video)

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kelly clarksonAnyone that knows me knows I love music. I don’t discriminate either so my ipod has everything from country, bluegrass and folk to opera, rap, and classic rock. At times the lyrics of certain songs strike me and I’m captured by them and love the song for the message. Other times the music (often it’s the music) and especially the melody blows me away and I may not even listen to the words all that closely.

But I have to admit a new song by Kelly Clarkson has me hooked for a completely different reason.

I don’t mind admitting I’ve been a fan of Clarkson since she won the first season of American Idol. Her music career has been a glowing entry on the American Idol resume. But her new song, release last Monday, offers a strong pro-life message in a way I’ve not seen before.

An article at reports:

“On Monday, new mom and pop/country superstar Kelly Clarkson released ‘Heartbeat Song’ — an upbeat, synth-driven single that celebrates her new baby girl in a unique way. ‘The beat is actually River’s heartbeat slowed down from when she was in my tummy!’ shares Clarkson in a radio interview. Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock, married in 2013, welcomed their baby girl River Rose into the world on June 12, 2014.”

That’s right, Clarkson took the beat of her unborn baby’s heart, slowed it down and made it into the rhythm track for her new song. Now that’s cool.

I don’t know if Kelly Clarkson is pro-life or not, we’ve never sat down to discuss her political views. But I do know that this song, along with its very special beat, sends a strong message.

The sound you hear inside a mother’s womb is a heartbeat. It’s not some arbitrary noise being made by a “blob of cells,” as Planned Parenthood is fond of saying. That’s the beat of a child’s heart. It’s not the mother’s heartbeat, but the heartbeat of an entirely different and totally unique person. That heartbeat is life.

Groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL want to drown out the sound of unborn heartbeats in order to advance their political ideology that only the healthy, living person matters. But this song is a stark contrast to their culture of death and reminds us that the most vulnerable among us has the same heart beating in them.

I think Kelly Clarkson did a great job honoring her daughter before she was born with this song. Hopefully she will raise her to honor all life – born and unborn – regardless of any other factors.

Listen to the new song by Kelly Clarkson “Heartbeat Song” below. If the video doesn’t’ appear automatically please refresh your browser.

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