Next Step: Daughter Planning to Marry Father After Dating for 2 Years

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girls marries fatherI don’t even feel like saying “I told you so.” Back when same-sex “marriage” was gaining steam and people were lining up to support it so they wouldn’t be called names, many refused to compromise and withstood the onslaught of attacks. One of our main concerns was that if marriage was redefined to include homosexuals, what legal or moral ground would there be to refuse redefining marriage for polygamists, pedophiles, and anyone else that wanted to get married?

One of our greatest concerns has been realized.

This case, this 18-year old girl, will be the catalyst for the movement to normalize and then legalize incestuous relationships. The slippery slope is getting slipperier. In the exact same way that homosexuals first normalized and then legalized same-sex “marriage,” this girl and her father are taking pages right out of the LGBT playbook.

The girl, unnamed at this point, was interviewed by New York Magazine, a rather lengthy interview that details how the relationship began. While most would assume some abuse must be present, the reality is that this girl was estranged from her father for 12 years before being reunited. The girl, at age 16, spent a week with her father and his live-in girlfriend, during which the two went from getting reacquainted to kissing, making out, and eventually having sex; which was the girls first time.

After this one-week encounter the two began dating and, now that the girl is 18 plan to get married and move to New Jersey where adult incestuous relationships are legal.

While we may be tempted to be shocked by this story I’m not sure we have any right. After all, we’ve become accustomed to seeing and hearing about same-sex relationships to the point that even many Christians and people of faith now accept and support them. What did we think was going to happen if we fundamentally altered the natural man-woman relationship of marriage? Did we assume that by letting gay people marry everything would be business as usual? Did we really conclude that no one else would ever dare seek the same cultural and legal recognition that homosexuals did?

Welcome to the post-traditional marriage world. In this world words and definitions have been changed (to protect the innocent of course) to the point that meaning is subjective. As Matt Barber makes clear in his comments on this story:

“Male-on-male sodomy becomes ‘gay.’ That which, heretofore, has been known as ‘child rape’ shall, from henceforth, be called, ‘intergenerational romance.’ He who was once identified as a ‘pedophile predator’ shall, from now on, be referenced as a ‘minor-attracted person.’ And, yes, the empirically pathological impulse of some sick pervert to schtupp his 16-year-old daughter shall, forevermore, be known as, ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA).’”

All those bad feelings and negative connotations associated with the previously used words and phrases for sexually deviant behavior are being replaced with more…socially acceptable terms. Those socially acceptable terms are intended to increase the acceptance for said behaviors in our culture. They are also intended to help the pc-police identify anyone that opposes such deviant sexual behaviors because the opposed will use the “old” phrases and words rather than the new, hip, trendy terms.

It’s heartbreaking to read through the New York Magazine interview with this 18 year old girl. I can’t help but take notice of the descriptions she gives of her life: bi-polar mother constantly in and out of relationships, the girl was bullied at school, has battled depression most of her life, never had a stable father-figure, experimented sexually at a young age, identifies as bi-sexual. Nothing about this girl’s life conveys emotional and mental health to the point that the decision to marry her own father would be considered “normal.”

The depth of this girl’s confusion can be seen in her answer to the question “Do you ever call him dad?” She answered:

“When I need my dad I say, ‘Hey, Dad, I need you.’ And then he’s not going to be my fiancé or my boyfriend, but my father.”

This young lady doesn’t realize the serious problem with even saying these words, much less living them out. A spouse is not a parent, and vice versa. When I need my mother for something I call her, I don’t call my wife. The nature of the relationship between parent and child is nothing whatsoever like the relationship between spouse and child. The fact that this girl is so easily able to confuse the two signals serious trouble in this relationship.

But, this also highlights the problem with redefining marriage. We have enabled an entire group of people that are – for one reason or another – confused, to be affirmed in their confusion through the use of a surrogate relationship. In essence, we are creating an entirely new genre of marital relationship that runs counter to nature. For this girl to so casually talk about having sex with her father, marrying him, and having kids with him signals a new moral low for our culture. I imagine it won’t be long before a cable show featuring an incestuous relationship premier’s.

Unfortunately, and this is the saddest part of all, we aren’t done with our moral decline. The cultural acceptance of same-sex “marriage” has left in its wake hope for polygamists, polyamorists, and now incest. We can reasonably expect pedophile and bestiality advocates to seek recognition, approval, and legal protection. Don’t laugh it off and say I’m crazy. That’s what they said when we warned polygamy, polyamory and other deviant sexual behaviors would follow homosexuality. Clearly we were right about that.

If we as a society can’t see the danger and confusion in a relationship where a girl calls her “spouse” both daddy and hubby, we are already in serious trouble.

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