Songwriter for One Direction and Maroon 5 Writes Powerful Song for Unborn Son

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Sam MartinIf you are singer/songwriter Sam Martin you have a lot to be proud of. Martin co-wrote Maroon 5’s top 10 single “Daylight,” David Guetta’s “Dangerous,” One Direction’s “Change Your Ticket,” and Nick Jonas’ “Wilderness.” But when Martin found out his wife, Joy, was pregnant, and heard his unborn son’s heartbeat for the first time, he was inspired to write a song.

Martin said that writing this song “was a spiritual experience” and “incredibly personal and meaningful.” He kept the song a secret from his wife until it was finished, but once complete, sang it for her as they both were “sobbing, uncontrollably crying.” The very simple song is powerful as it conveys the message that martin wants his son to know “I’m going to love you anyway.” And while Martin was surprised that the record company went along with his song and allowed him to record it, he is thankful.

Listen to Martin’s beautiful song below. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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